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    Batman would be using PEDs (performance-enhancing drugs) for quicker recovery from injuries.
    Then TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) later in life.


    The trailer blew my pants off.  I’m genuinely stoked.


      March 2022 🤩🦇


      TheQuartering loved it. Said he wants the movie and and he wants a rated R Batman movie. Very interesting. Physical build is a weird thing because I think the ultimate build would probably be a good baseball player, but the comment on hands is correct. It’s the lean and skinny guys who are good boxers and UFC fighters for their striking. Same with anyone on a motorcyle, they are lean and skinny. I think a good Bruce Wayne would’ve been Chris Weidman. Another would’ve been Robbie Amell. Jon Hamm from Mad Men would’ve been a good Bruce Wayne.



      Loved the second trailer even more😍. So glad that there’s a lot of people who’ve had their minds changed the second time around with the trailer. I’ve not seen any of Patterson’s later films but I’ve heard he’s very good in ‘Tenant’ and ‘The Lighthouse’. Not to mention terrifying on Lighthouse from what I’ve heard😨.


      I’ve heard that the test audience reaction was very positive and that the film is supposed to be very dark and gritty and rumour has it that it’s a 15/R rated as a result. As much as I like Nicolas Hault, I was hesitant about him being Batman between him and Patterson and was hoping for Patterson instead. Amongst the other choices I heard, I would’ve gone for either Richard Madden or Tom Felton.


      The movies looks like shit and cheap.


      I just hope Patterson’s lines are more clearly spoken.

      At one point in the trailer, where he slams the glass and cries “What have you done?”, is so garbled I had to turn on the CC to be able to read what those words where.  Several channels who also reviewed the trailer also had to ask “what did he say”, and even repeating that one scene over and over again…

      But once again, with the concern we have had with all previous Batman Films, by having more than one villain (in this we have the Riddler, the Penguins, Catwoman) you dilute each to make them all fit into the one story.

      Each of Batman’s main Rogues Gallery can and should have their own story/film before a team-up in one film.

      I am cautiously optimistic about this movie.



      Yeah I was struggling trying to hear what he was saying on that scene too. This reminds me of what happened when the trailers for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ came out and people were struggling trying to hear Bane on them.


      Gotham Knights – Official Court of Owls Story Trailer | DC FanDome 2021

      Batman, Jim Gordon – they thought they had a handle on #GothamCity, but there are hidden forces at play that no one talks about. It is up to the #GothamKnights – #Batgirl, #Nightwing, #RedHood, and #Robin – to uncover the secrets of this city’s past before it’s too late. But beware, the #CourtofOwls is always watching, always listening.

      Court of Owls
      The Court of Owls is an organized crime group and secret society made up of wealthy Gothamites appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with the superhero Batman. They have secretly existed since colonial times in Gotham City.

      The Court of Owls is an ancient conspiracy that has controlled Gotham City for centuries. They are a violent cabal who use architecture and murder to wield political influence throughout history. Their legend is told only through whispers and a nursery rhyme that bears their name. To carry out their interests, they employ a breed of highly-trained assassins known as Talons. The leaders of the …


      The Court of Owls is the Batman’s version of the Skulls & Bones, The Illuminati, The Bilderberg Group, etc.


      Agree. In addition to that, The Owl is the symbol of Bohemian Grove, which was infiltrated by Alex Jones. Just do an image search for “Bohemian Grove Owl.”

      Only gotta post this cuz John Campea cracks me up. He shills and sells like no one else. Watching Campea talk movies is like watching old SportsCenter. He does remind me of Max Kellerman a bit or Chris Burhman.


      Gotham Knights Official Court of Owls Story Trailer
      Batman, Jim Gordon – they thought they had a handle on Gotham City, but there are hidden forces at play that no one talks about. It is up to the Gotham Knights – Batgirl, Nightwing, RedHood, and Robin – to uncover the secrets of this city’s past before it’s too late. But beware, the Court of Owls is always watching, always listening.







        I loved the trailer. I am rooting for Robert because I think he is actually a good actor. I have a feeling they have nailed this one. I never believed all the behind the scenes rumors and drama either.

        The people complaining about not being able to understand what he says in the interrogation room. I understood it easily. “What have you done”. I don’t see the problem. I guess my many years of listening to and “singing” death metal have payed of. :)

        I am however…utterly and completely FED UP with movie trailers now days. The same “boom…bang” drums with a ticking clock and some god awful cover version of an old song. So completely sick of it. It’s nauseating. And half the time they have some horrid hip hop or rap song that has NOTHING to do with the context or feel of the movie. Like the Godzilla trailers from last year. HORRIBLE music!!!. I miss the way trailers were done years ago, like, they weren’t some pre-fab formula (like all trailers seem to be now) and just had shots with some music and an announcer saying a few things. “Coming to a Theatre near you”. “You thought you were afraid before?”. “Just in time for summer vacation”.


        no complaints here. Hope the movie is good.


        about gotham knights, i played all arkham games, big fan of them, they’re all 10/10 , in my opinion.  This Gotham Knights is different thou, so.. i’m not really hyped, but I enjoyed the Court of Owls comics, i even have the mask. I’ll wait for more gameplay videos.

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