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    I agree with you on the trailer music part. What happened to the epic music that we used to get??? Instead we get horrible rap music which only makes me want to watch the trailer once despite the scenes being awesome were as back in the day I’d binge watch the trailer till I knew the lines 😂


    Personally, I hope the movie does well, though I’m still a bit skeptical. From what I saw in the trailer, Robert Pattinson is pretty good, hopefully there aren’t any weird moments in this movie for the Twilight “fangirls.” Can’t wait to see Riddler and Penguin on the big screen again, though I’m about 99% sure that the main villains in this movie will be The Court of Owls. Overall, I’m excited, but I won’t get my hopes up too much, especially in this day and age.


    The Batman Trailer REACTION | DC Fandome The Good, The Bad, and The CRINGE

    Nerdrotic Daily

    Nerdotic and Ryan are both good for this reason. They just give their based take. Even if I do not agree, I am a fan because they seem authentic and natural and centered about what they are saying from within. Nerdrotic is frustrating because sometimes I am wondering when his next video is coming out, but it’s actually good because each one has quality instead of just mass produced.


    L’Orchestra Cinématique did a excellent mash-up of the Imperial March and ‘The Batman’ theme.

    “It’s over Riddler; I’ve got the high ground now!”😂


    The Batman MOVIE CLIP REACTION!! The Riddler “Funeral Scene”
    The Reel Rejects
    CAN’T WAIT! The Batman 2 Minute Movie Clip “Funeral Scene” involves The Riddler, Robert Pattinson, & Commissioner Gordon in an incredibly tense sequence. Here’s our Reaction & discussion on the runtime for the newest DCEU 2022 film.

    Hope this is it. Haven’t found official version? Not sure



    I don’t know about the run time.



    Last I heard the other day it’s supposed to be 2hrs 47mins.


    IMDB has it pegged at 2 hours 55 minutes..

    So it is kissing on 3 hours.

    If you add in all those pre-movie ads and trailers and coming soon….


    Must’ve updated it since last night lol.


    i’m fine with short trailers… but full scenes now… for me that’s weird…

    I guess I will grab a drink when that scene starts at the theater since I already watched it lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    really hope this movie doesnt suck


    Untitled 3


    Been watching some videos lately. Love the one of the guys shooting at the outdoor range. Can’t beat experiences like that.
    As for the Batman review, what stands out to me is he says that there is little difference in Batman and Bruce because he is so damaged. I am not into the grunge emo thing at all and tend to avoid material where the characters are sulking around, damaged and broken. I do not get that much of a Batman feel from this. There are some comics that I still like. There was one recently about a swashbuckling style of the Wayne family and how they came to be, along with Arkham and Gotham. I think it was called “Curse of the White Knight,” but I could be wrong. I like those stories that dig into Gotham’s founding more and the 5 families of Gotham.


    Odin Reviews

    OK. Last review I’ll probably post. Unless maybe Gary.


    I’m going to see it this weekend so I’m really looking forward to it!

    I can name a lot of films and TV shows that I like that a lot of people hate yet I’m fine with them not liking them. If I come out really enjoying this film and some people aren’t liking it or calling it woke fair enough. I don’t have a problem. People are allowed to have a different opinion regardless if you agree with them or not.


    Reviews are coming in a lot now. Trying not to post too many. There were many to choose from today. If someone wants to go see it, go ahead. I want these brands and franchises to do well. Batman, Luke, Wolverine, Conan, and some others are ones I’d love to see endure through the generations. Spider-Man out of all of them did them all one better with that latest movie. Just saying that something just has that hook buzz or doesn’t. One part of this video, Gary says he is not into spinoff individual character from Batman shows. None of that matters to me at all. If something has clever writing, that is what will draw me in, which means that is some talented writer is OCD about The Penguin and creates something buzz-worthy, I’d go no matter which character it is if the substance is there.

    The Batman | Movie REVIEW
    The Batman has arrived after the initial criticism and speculation turned into genuine anticipation. The 13th live action Batman film no less. So how was it? My Non-Spoiler to Spoiler review of The Batman.
    Spoilers start at 0:11:30 and end at 0:13:54

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