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    Ugh. As usual, a movie comes out the night my work week starts. Same thing happened with No Way Home.

    I work a week straight of 10 hr shifts on nights, then I get a week off. In that rotation. My work week starts Thursday night. So, you can see why that sucks for movies. I can’t go see it until a week later. So, I have to pretty much avoid as much media as I can to avoid spoilers until next Thursday when I can go see it. It’s not easy to avoid spoilers now days.

    What really irritates me is that I have to miss Friday Night Tights, until I see the movie anyway, too because they talk about the movies extensively.


    Just got back from seeing it…and all I can say is that it’s fantastic😁! Loved the score too. Yeah that line Catwoman said irritated me a bit as well but I just shrugged it off and carried on watching the rest of the film. Was it just me or was Eddie’s- sorry, The Riddler’s😅- riddles feel easy to solve? Even I was nearly yelling “HE’S AFTER YOU!” at the screen at one point😂😅. I know Bats is in his second year of crimefighting but…even before then I’m sure he was smarter than me!

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    I wanna be ready for that stupid catwoman line so it doesn’t affect my joy. is it in the beginning, middle or end?

    The movie only launches next week here lol Cheers

    /necessary spoilers xD



    It’s half way through the film when she calls Bats “privileged”. Even as a Catwoman fan myself I did frown a little bit at that but shrugged it off. Still a brilliant film though and I thought Zoe was certainly better than Anne Hathaway in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.


    Sorry; forgot the Catwoman quote everyone had a problem with was towards the end of the film. As for the Drinker’s review, I laughed way harder than I should’ve at the beginning🤣!




    Baby’s first Fincher.

    I did not like this movie.


    Just watched it yesterday. I really enjoyed it.

    I don’t see the big deal about the Catwoman “privilege” line. Sure, it was unneeded. However, it was ONE line in a nearly 3 hr movie. If that bothers you so much, seek therapy. People just need something to complain about I guess….

    I think Robert did a good job. I was anticipating this move a long time, but I am done with going to the theatre because I am SICK of the 20+min of commercials and trailers you are forced to endure. So, I waited.


    The first 30 minutes….ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Bruce Wayne’s persona in this one was non-traditional and interesting.

    And the stand out moment of the film was that gunfire fight scene in the hallway.

    Otherwise the film was pretty unremarkable. Don’t think I’ll be watching it again.


    yeah, I won’t be re-watching it again, especially because it’s a 3h movie (no need for being that long imo).

    the detective aspects of the movie are well done, but the ending, for me, is anti-climatic.

    enjoyable, but also easily forgetable … 6/10


    The ending of this felt like a reshoot, and I’m willing to bet on what changed from the original draft:

    Riddler’s narrative deals with the corruption inside of the institutions of the city, and having already dealt with the higher-ups, his final plan would be against the corrupt police officers.  In addition, the movie reuses most of the locations more than once across multiple scenes.  We can then infer that in an earlier draft, the final 30 minutes played out similar to the final cut, but inside the Gotham police station.  This would also complete the arc of Batman earning the trust of the Gotham PD once he saves them and leads them out of the building; for whatever reason, likely political, it was revised into the stadium in the final film.



    “Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb!” LOL!


    This is the second time in a year (after Dune) I’m completely split on a movie. I loved the ingredients in The Batman (great acting, production design, music, story concept, batman doing detective work and redemptive theme), but felt underwhelmed by the movie itself.
    The movie oozes style. From the hallway gunfight with the strobe effect to the truly amazing Batmobile chase, the lighting in the club to small things like Ridder appearing in the shadow in the opening. And yet somehow aside from the Batmobile chase and the first gang beatdown, the movie never felt kinetic, never really developed any energy.
    Gordon was terrible and had zero chemistry with Batman. He basically stands next to Batman and mumbles “Jesus” a lot. The actor was bad. Catwoman started very interesting, but the story reveal with Falcone was lame and her plot went nowhere.
    Paul Dano as Riddler was the highlight for sure. Once he was out of the picture, the final battle felt like a tagged on reshoot where the studio said “we need a big action scene because that’s what Marvel does.” The one woke line was dumb, most of the smaller characters were one dimensional cardboard cutouts, like the corrupt murdered mayor and of course the incorruptible 28 year old strong black woman mayor. All white guys except Batman and Alfred are awful of course. But that didn’t ruin the movie for me, because the core narrative was good. Something about the pacing and energy was off though. The photography, while gorgeous in some scenes, was constantly out of focus, which made the movie feel smaller than it is. This works for horror movies, but not necessarily for a big budget operatic fantasy film.
    The lack of humor also really hurt this film. The old Batman films had a lot of humor. Alfred is basically a comedic relief character in both the Keaton and Bale series, cracking one joke after the next, thereby grounding Bruce (and the audience). The Joker in both series provides much needed black humor. The new movie felt a little too sterile, too safe, too plot driven and never quite as oporatic as the Burton or as focused and character driven as the Nolan movies.

    It’ll likely still be the best movie of 2022, but when measured against other Batman movies, I’d rank em like this:

    1. Batman 1989
    2. Batman Begins
    3. The Dark Knight
    4. Batman Returns
    5. The Batman
    6. The Dark Knight Rises
    7. Batman 1966
    8. Batman Forever
    9. Batman & Robin (works as an unintentional comedy)
    10. Batman vs Superman
    11. Justice League (Snyder Cut)

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    Just watched The Batman, and my thoughts, i’ll devide it in 2 parts, the movie (directing and editing) and the performances:

    The movie itself… unfortunately kinda sucked, imo
    Pace was too slow, the plot felt like it was jumping from one place to another without a clear goal, and 3 hours was way way too long for this movie. Though the story could’ve been very interesting, it just ends up falling flat

    Now the performances on the other hand, i really liked
    I found Robert Pattinson’s take on Batman very interesting, he does a great job showing Bruce’s state of mind in this time of his life having just started being Batman, i will also say, probably won’t agree with me on this, but i think Pattinson made the right choice to not work out too much given the way ho chose to portray Bruce, besides, he’s not out of shape, he’s just not super bulked up
    Paul Dano as Riddler, had way too little screen time! Dano is brilliant at playing nutcases, why would you limit his time as a nutcase villain??
    Zoe’s Catwoman, not my favorite, but still gave a good performance, one cringy line, she should’ve said something more like privilege of the rich, would’ve fit better with the story which had to do with corrupt rich people
    The rest of the cast was good too, the only one i didn’t really like was Colin Farrell as Penguin, but i don’t really like his acting style anyway, so take that very subjectively, also, why was Penguin in the movie? What did he do? It felt like he was just there to be there

    My favorite scene of the movie was the thumb-drive scene 🤣

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