The best cheat cartridge for the Snes, Nes, Master System or Megadrive :D

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    When it comes to cheat cartridges for consoles like the Nes, Snes, Master System & Megadrive the only real choices you had back in the day was either the numerous versions of the Pro Action Replay or the Game Genie at least in the UK that is.

    Even though with some of these retro consoles you could only have the option of one cheat cartridge whenever I had two choices I always thought about which one would give me less of a headache :D

    If I had to choose one based on using them for the last few years hands down its the Game Genie that always stands out as the no1 cheat cartridge choice for those vintage consoles :D

    As it is pretty much the only cheat cartridge which actually stays in the console slot without wobbling when the pro action replays were just notorious for not staying still especially with a game cartridge on top unless you used blue tack to hold the cheat cartridge in place lol.

    Also even though the Action Replays has other benefits like finding your own cheats I just hated the cartridge feature of the the right silver pin which was down is cheat off, middle is stand by and up is cheat on which works in theory but if the cheat cartridge moves even the slightest in the wrong way the whole game freezes and its time to start again.

    Even though the Game Genie you still had to blow the dust out of the cheat cartridge & game cartridge to get them to work (I know that’s bad but it works) at least you didn’t have to worry about flicking switch & freezing the game aka the code either worked or didn’t with the GameGenie lol.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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