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      The best Jurassic Park Movie?


      Seriously, do you just spend the entire day thinking of what topic to make a “best of” thread?

      And to answer your question, the first JP is the best. It set the tone, the look, the feel, and can’t be topped.


      The first one.


      The first one is by far the best, however, The Lost World is extremely underrated and is also fantastic…Jeff Goldblum…need we say more


      I only enjoyed the original but the book is far superior. Speilberg took a huge dump on the characters, especially Gennaro.


      Always the first one from the early 90s.


      2015 Jurassic World



      The first one


      Jurassic World has the awesome movie cast. Irish Actresses Katie McGrath really did a good job playing Zara Young

      Jurassic World has very cool & very awesome Death Scene with Irish Actresses Katie McGrath

      All the Katie McGrath as Zara Young Scenes from Jurassic World 2015


      Jurassic World Katie McGrath as Zara’s Young




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      The first film, and it’s not even a contest.  However, I do enjoy the entire series.  I’d rank them like this:

      1) JP1

      2) JP III

      3) JW

      4) TLW: JP

      5) JW: FK


      I don’t generally pay much attention to “Anonymous” profiles anyway.




      I like the first Jurassic Park movie because it showed the world that dinosaurs can live again on screen in the early days of CGI that holds up fairly good even in today’s world 😀


      Unless it’s Terminator or Lord of the Rings, the first movie is always going to be the best.


      I think the first one is the best with little contest, and for one specific reason: every story that follows is just a repeat of the first. They do try to set up each of them in a different way, but I don’t think they were able to reach the story potential of the first one because the idea had already been done using the best ideas. The best idea for the Jurassic park series that puts it above the rest is the choice of monster. The most dangerous monster in the first book is the velociraptors. Other parts of the series have to use a different type of dinosaur, but I don’t think it any of them ever reach the same tension as the first one. The fact that they are so smart and learn throughout the movie makes it more intense (I know that other movies have velociraptor hybrids, but I think that this isn’t as interesting because it takes away the multiple raptors. The fact that they hunt in a pack is also important). The biggest let-d0wn about the Jurassic world movies is that the velociraptors are now on the side of the humans. I think it was a huge misstep. You take a really menacing group of monsters and turned them into something like a dog. (I don’t think that the first movie has the best special effects across the whole movie, but I also think that if the story isn’t that great, the best special effects in the world won’t redeem it (see Avatar).


      Just my thoughts.

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