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    Which is the best songs & bands from the 70’s? The 70’s really had a lot very awesome songs. The 70’s had a very cool & awesome bands. The most iconic songs from the 70’s is? The most rock song from the 70’s? The best love songs from 70’s are? The greatest songs from the 70’s are?

    Greatest one-hit wonder songs from the 70’s are ?  The best singers from the 70’s?


    During lockdown I found this excellent version of Sparks “This Town Ain’t Big Enough…” done by Ron ( thankfully without that moustache) and Russell still in fine voice. It actually makes me feel old that I remember them, even from the 1980’s. The link to the video is here https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2MWvvIdrAH8


    Well the best 70’s bands in my opinion are Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. You’ve got a lot of great progressive rock bands: Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Gentle Giant, etc. 70’s hard rock and heavy metal bands such as Judas Priest, Acdc, Budgie, Uriah Heep, Rainbow, Ufo, etc. Of course there’s also Queen. Some 60’s bands came up with some solid discography as well. The 70’s are the best.


    Gentle Giant,Led Zeppelin,Fairport Convention,The Strawbs,Fotheringay,Matthews Southern Comfort,Lindisfarne,Jack The Lad,ELO,The Moody Blues,David Bowie,The Byrds,The Police,Toto,ELP,Family,Happy The Man,Kansas,Yes,Wishbone Ash,Thin Lizzy,The Hollies,Lynyrd Skynyrd,Allman Brothers Band,The Clash,The Undertones,and The Who


    The best songs of the  Sweet Home Alabama Let It Be (Beatle song)  America Woman & Mama Told Me Not To Come, Ain’t No Mountain Enough & Please Mr. Postman & One Of These Night ,Rich Girl, Stayin ‘Alive ,Baby Come Back , Grease I Was Made For lovin

    70’s Bands Eagle Band &  Kiss Band & The Beatle






    late 70’s but this fits what you are looking for


    Kiss Band










    Jimi Hendrix.


    The Beach Boys

    The Beatles




    Earth Wind And Fire


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