The best Nintendo Game system?

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      The best Nintendo Game System ?



        Cliché but true answer… Super Nintendo




            Virtual Bo-*gets hit by thrown chair*

            My best, happiest gaming memories are a mix of SNES and N64, to I’ll say it’s a tie between those two systems.


            Super NES. I loved the N64 but I would rank GameCube as 2nd.


            Snes is above all


            Lots of Super Nintendo fans here, and I’m one of them.


            While SNES is one of the greatest consoles ever, I just think the NES is the best console because of the history and what it did to revive videogames. Not to mention the games.

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            Nintendo NES Games System

            Super Nintendo SNES

            Nintendo Wii



            My ranking: (1) SNES, (2) GCN, (3) Switch

            I wish Nintendo would make more SNES classiscs available on Switch. Donkey Kong Country was a recent add on the Switch SNES app and it brought back so many memories. The pre-rendered 3D characters and backgrounds look really good even today.


            My current ranking:

            1) Gamecube (I doubt it will ever be topped for me personally)

            2) Super Nintendo (Do I even need to explain myself?  So many all-time greats.)

            3) Game Boy Advance (Underrated as hell.  My favorite handheld ever.)

            4) DS (Insanely huge library.  Still haven’t played a ton of the best games.)

            5) 3DS (The little handheld that could.  This thing went from an afterthought at first to an absolute juggernaut.)

            6) Switch (Shooting up the ranks quickly.  Not ready to put it any higher than this yet.)

            7) NES (The man.  The myth.  The legend.  Still has games that are a blast to play today.)

            8) Wii (A massively underappreciated console.  Yes, it had gimmicks, but there were still a ton of great games.  Some of the best ever, actually.)

            9) N64 (A small library overall, but like the Wii, this sucker had some gems.  I can play Mario 64, MK64, Zelda: OoT, and Smash Bros. any day.)

            10) Game Boy/Game Boy Color (I hate to rank the GB and GBC this low, because there are so many amazing games.)

            11) Wii U (I still love it.  This thing was a marketing disaster, but it had some top quality games.)

            12) Virtual Boy (Never played it, but I think most would agree it’s just kind of the bottom of the barrel by default.)


            Need to get all the classic Square RPGs on there!  Super Mario RPG, FF II and III, and Chrono Trigger.


            Personal favs right now are the Switch, Nintendo, and Super Nintendo. Missed out on a few though. Picked up a few Switch games that are really bringing back memories of old school fun, plus some new fun.

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