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    Every since I first saw Antje Traue aka the actress who played Faora in Man of Steel, I have been in love with this woman. Those piercing blue eyes…once you look into them……you’ll want her more than anything else.



    She is definitely one of the big reasons I keep rewatching Man of Steel. Antje Traue has to be one of the mist beautiful Human Beings ever to exist, and truly underrated as an actress as we see so little of her in other movies.



    A throwback to glamorous Hollywood. Hollywood used to have real beauties and there are many in this film.

    The Chinese made me laugh when they said they did not like the new Star Wars because the cast was not beautiful.



    Weird that the land of cheap things made for Walmart agree with us about the new Disney Star Wars being crappy? Lol 😂😀

    If Antje Traue was in a Star Wars movie and was given a sexy role as either a female stormtrooper with more curvy skintight stormtrooper armor with no helmet on or she plays a sex female Sith Lord with very little clothing on….that Star Wars movie would sell here and the land that makes cheap things for Walmart.


    Never heard of her.

    Does have nice eyes.



    She has other nice assets too…like perfectly rounded breasts and a great butt too

    Antje Traue is the complete package of a woman


    Take your word on that. Its not Christina Hendricks.


    no its not.


      She is not soar on the eyes that is for certain.

      But I still take Kate Beckinsale or Stana Katic love my vamps.


      She should have been in the Star Wars movies as a character then. That is what is missing from Hollywood today. What is missing is an Epic space opera featuring actors that push the limits of beauty. Another one I like is Alexandra Daddario.  Put Antje Traue, Daddario, Christina Hendricks and other babes in an epic space opera with Cavill and other studs. That is something I miss about the EXCESS of the 80s. They really tried to push the limits of inspiration and uplifting excitement. They just do not get it. They do not get what people want. Elitist beauty standards right now!



      Well less competition for me to get her then lol 😂😀


      :P I was just agreeing with MrDragonBane that said she’s not Christina Hendricks (Mad Men actress with… special attributes …)


      Antje Traue has a 1920 Hollwood look. She so cool & awesome is Man Of Steel.



      Man Of Steel-Antje Traue Interview


      Faora-UI All Scenes Powers| Man Of Steel

      download (2)


      CH in Firefly was just stunning.

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