The Best & Your Favorite Marvel Comics Characters Are?

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    Scarlet Witch

    Black Widow

    Emma Frost



    Iron Man

    Doctor Strange

    Doctor Octopus


    Invisible Woman



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    The Attack of the Greg Clones ;O lol


    My favorite Marvel character is Wolverine.


    Logan, for sure, but this thread is interesting. You can really see how times have changed, what an impact the movies made and how well those movies were made. I was all about mutants growing up. They were my favorite, but even before that, Marvel had heroes that I liked. Before the Xmen, I liked how Bruce Banner and Peter Parker were smart geeks and nerds that were kind of pushovers, but science made them into something more. I suppose that’s what they did with the first Capt America movie as well. You have a smart male, but they are kind of limited by being human, and science makes them into something more, and I always like when the human trips out and gets excited about his cool new abilities.

    Last thing, but when I was growing up with just comics and no movies, IronMan and Capt America were not big characters and not main characters. The movies truly made those two characters the best ones. It shows just how good the Marvel team really is. I cannot argue against people who love Tony Stark, but before RDJ, he was not a huge draw and he lacked good villains to fight, but yeah, now, he is a truly iconic character.



    20-30 years ago I’m pretty sure Gambit would be in any top 10 favorite marvel characters lol.  Now he’s nowhere. :(


    Black Widow

    Nick Fury

    Iron Man

    Spider -Man

    Steven Rogers


    Charles Xavier




    Doctor Strange

    Black Panther


    The THING


    Invisible Woman




    Captain America








    The best characters in marvel I feel have to be. Daredevil, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and Captain America. They all have amazing runs, two of them are the foundations of marvel, and a lot of them have some of the best character development, or cool powers, many other characters after them have tried to rip off.

    my favorite characters are The Punisher and Captain America. The Punisher to me is the only hero with the balls to finish the job, and in a few of the issues I’ve read of war zone he calls people commies, and j love that as an insult. Captain America on the other hand, has a lot of the same attributes that I love in Superman. That being, he is a symbol of good, and is also a stitch in the fabric of Americana. I love my country, so to me if you are a good ‘ol boy rocking the Stars and Stripes with honor and optimism, I have to love you.


    If science makes you something more. Then I’d like to say I’m something of a scientist myself.


    Interesting comments. After mentioning that, I tend to agree and I recall someone kind of ripping on Captain America and Cyclops of the X-Men, as “Boy Scout characters.” They were the most idealistic, which makes people mock them as corny, but there’s something about a leader who makes others work as a team and really enjoys teamwork, that I like. Cyclops was never done justice in the cinematic universe. One thing the MCU really did get right was Steve Rogers. I love the arc when Steve and Tony are arguing and Cap says he knows grunts that are worth ten of him and Tony responds that he would just cut the rope, but in the end, Tony listened to Cap, and made the sacrifice play of riding the nuke through the wormhole in space. Just great writing. Real leaders and coaches motivate others to make the team play.


    One thing must be said though, is that sales and numbers don’t lie. A lot of people are ganging up on DC for having too many Batman titles because those are the best sellers. Have to say the same about Wolverine. Just so many titles and so much writing around just one character. At least with Logan, it makes sense, because he can live centuries.


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