The Case of Gina Carano and Lucasfilm


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    For a while now I’ve been hearing about Lucasfilm and Gina Carano from Geeks+Gamers and Ryan Kinel and I have some things to say. When I first heard about the one post, she made which at first didn’t think was necessary, then I heard about other posts she said and thought I need to see these posts myself and see what I think of them so here are the posts and I’ll explain what I think of them:


    People were getting mad because they said she was mocking transgenders. She then made another post. Capture

    These two posts in my opinion aren’t making fun of anyone, but at the same time, it’s a little rude to some people. Also, I don’t think she’s met any actual transgender people, so these posts shouldn’t be a big deal compared to the others.


    In this post she’s saying the voting was rigged, which was proven it wasn’t. She spread misinformation, which is wrong.


    This post here anti-mask meme, which is pretty dumb in my opinion.


    This is the post that crossed the line. People are saying she compared democratics to being nazis and republicans being jews. First off, there are no words of democratics or republicans, but she intentionally was comparing them. I understand the last sentence she should’ve used that last sentence and changed the holocaust and said something else with it.

    Should she be fired for these posts yes but there are some things I don’t understand? First off, she was fired because of the posts, then why is Pedro Pascal still working or Krystina Arielle got hired. These people have posted similar if not worst things on the internet that I believed should get them fired. Another thing I don’t understand is people saying Gina is a bad person and are trying to cancel her. In the daily wire interview, she talked about how she and Pedro have different political opinions, but they put that aside and didn’t let that ruin them. People are defining her because of her political belief I find this dumb because I see her as a friendly person. I don’t agree with her posts, but looking past that she’s a pleasant person and people need to stop bullying her. Also, the people are targeting other people that support her like Drunk 3PO who made merch on what she said, “Welcome to The Rebellion” Everyone got upset that they try to cancel the merch. I find dumb people are so upset that Gina is speaking up and many people support her.

    Therefore, I hate politics because people are so extreme on the left or the right. In their eyes, it’s either you’re on their side or not. People shouldn’t define a person just by their political belief there’s more to a person besides their belief. Both sides were right and wrong. Gina Carano might’ve gone fired, but she doesn’t let that bother she keeps fighting and moves on and I support that. If you have a passion for something, don’t let other people bring you down keep following that passion and do the things you love to do. Overall, this is just my opinion your free to agree or disagree with me. I just wish people from both sides can treat each other with respect.

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