The coolest superpower in the DC is?

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      I’m looking for help making the list on the coolest superpower. It can superpowers from an Heroes or from an Villains from the DC.

      My list of the coolest superpower

      X-Ray Superman

      Heat Ray Vision Superman

      Superhuman breath Superman

      Study of flight Superman

      Super Hearing Superman

      Super speed Superman

      Green Lantern Green Power Ring



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      I’ll take mastery over the Speed Force, and all of the abilities that come with that, over any other superpower any day.



      Beyond that, the Green Lantern Corps. power ring of Will is one of my favorite concepts in comics as well, and would likely be my #2 choice.

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      Telepathy – Martian Manhunter

      Transmute objects – Firestorm

      Regeneration – Doomsday / Lobo

      Omega Force – Darkseid


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      Black Canary’s Sonic Scream.


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      Power Girl’s got the two best superpowers in DC.


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        Strictly speaking, I don’t think the twins qualify as “superpowers”….but Power Girl is great LOL

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      Red Lantern Corp has the coolest powers…


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      Super speed Superman

      X-Ray Vision Superman

      Heat Vision Superman

      Telepathy Martian Manhunter

      Super Breath Superman

      Super Strength Superman

      Super Hearing Superman




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      Superman’s solar flare ability

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      How about the reality warping powers of Mr. Mxyzptlk ?

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      Super speed Superman

      Super Hearing Superman

      Heat Ray Vision Superman



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      Superman Heat Ray Vision

      OIP (5)

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      Superman Super Breath


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        Hey, how about:

        [QUOTE]The ‘Amnesia Kiss’ was a superpower of Superman that was introduced back in 1963 in Action Comics #306, in this issue Clark uses his memory loss-inducing lip-lock on Lois Lane leaving her dazed and confused, forgetting everything about his superhero identity and keeping his secret safe.[/QUOTE]

        Clark Kisses Lois

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      The ability to destroy classic, awesome characters in a single bound.

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        That is not a superpower.

        It is something more akin to the Anti-Life Equation, taken to its next phase.

        Or what The Year of the Villain with what Perpetua did to all humanity.

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      Flash’s Speed Force

      Shazam’s Transformation Powers

      Firestorm’s Combination Powers and Nuclear Pyrokinesis

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      Superman’s cellophane S ability ftw…20200905_121051

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