The Darkside of Geeks and gamers Lol aha

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    Laughing lol


    You really expect me to give a fuck what Mutt Jumbo thinks? Go home you are drunk.


    1) The youtuber who did this video sounds like a complete idiot

    2) So what?? That’s Star Wars Theory’s opinion, he’s free to think whatever he wants, and free to hang out with whoever he wants


    LMAO, SUB-ENVY and trying to get views by going after Theory….. Stupid is Stupid Does.



    Hang around this community and the adjacent ones long enough and you learn this dude is a first class douche. He is jealous of anyone with common sense and a loyal following.

    One of the things I understood while preparing to start a channel was to not go picking fights with other YouTubers just to get attention and especially don’t go pissing on a channel with millions of subs.

    Just care about what you are doing, not what another channel is doing.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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