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      I don’t know if Trump will leave Twitter. I don’t really care whether he does or not; but he and Eric both already have accounts on Parler.
      IMO Parler is terrible; I detailed my experience with it in another recent thread. I haven’t had any issues on Twitter, but G+G is superior to them both.



      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Not sure if its entirely social media or really at all. When I was growing up–80s 90s–we only had three channels and no internet. If something big happened, we would know–i remember as a kid seeing waco, desert storm and OJ–but now the world is much smaller. We went from being aware of only the big events to knowing every story whether or not it has any impact on our daily lives. While it may seem as though society is imploding, there’s never been a better time to be alive especially in this country. As crazy as it has been with the ongoing culture wars, more and more people will eventually take notice and they will be pushed back to the fringes. Maybe that sounds overly optimistic, but I refuse to allow myself to become overwhelmed and have it impact my real life.</p>
      Life can be magnificent and overwhelming — that is its whole tragedy, but without beauty,  love, or danger it would be almost easy to live.~Albert Camus~


      Those 4 between them can at least string one coherent sentence together – woop. Donny won’t leave it he likes the attention too much.

      Certainly agree on Twitter though. I got booted off for wrong-think by a Twitter bot. Problem with using bots to kick people off is, bots do not understand context.


      At least 1/4th of my nearly 2000 followers of twitter have stated in one form or another if the president leaves he’s gone. Another 300 are ready to quit outright over recent events.


      My numbers are LOW to be honest. Many joined twitter to follow the president.


        Instagram about to take over!


          The article linked above was about the use of social media as a news source; essentially the only news I get from social media is video game news.  I can’t imagine relying on Twitter or Instagram for serious, non-entertainment news.


          I just joined Parler myself. I like the feel of it especially the large character count. But the lack of presence there by many businesses and people I support makes it feel very empty. I suppose that could change in time but for now, I don’t see much point in paying attention to it.

          I’d love to see Twitter die as I too feel it is responsible for the breakdown in societal interaction. Hopefully that will happen sooner than later! The world would be a much better place if it did!




          Twitter_Hell_tw - Copy

          TWITTER is the 9th Layer of Hell

          the Betrayers of Trust according to Dante’s Inferno (pretty prescient for some dude who wrote this 700 years ago! giggle)


            I love you, Babylon Bee. :D

            not banned

            “He’s probably a closet liberal,” said one of his conservative friends. “I myself was banned from Twitter a year ago, proving my conservatism is real, unlike Bill’s.”

            “I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong,” he said, shaking his head. “I’ve tried misgendering people, deadnaming people, retweeting Ben Shapiro—but nothing is working.” Shaw states he posts using a slew of conservative hashtags but so far has been unable to draw the ire of Twitter or any other social network.

            Pathetic Conservative Hasn’t Even Been Banned From Twitter Yet



            I just started using Parler. My sister got me to try it. I like it so for but still getting use to it. Definitely better than all the Twitter SJW and cancel culture.


            Facebook is really the only social media platform that I use because it enables me to keep in touch with my family who live out of town and share photos of my kids with my mom. I have also been able to reconnect with friends that I lost contact with after high school.

            Saying social media like Twitter and Instagram is responsible for the fall of society is like saying the rake is responsible for the pile of leaves that gets bagged up in the Fall or that the garden hoe is responsible for the vegetables that grow. It is merely a tool. All these SJWs and other idiotic nonsense that goes on existed before these platforms, but there was no easily accessible method for those views to get out other than these people gathering in groups at coffee shops in the evenings. Think back to the early days of the internet (’95 through 2005), we still had these same issues but they were on website forums. Cliches of like-minded lemmings, echoing the same nonsense, yelling at each other as though their opinion was the only one that mattered; but those forums had moderators and as long as the moderators weren’t corrupted by certain views, things could remain somewhat under control. Twitter has “moderators” but they don’t work quite the same way as forum moderators do, so it’s much more of a free for all. Social media simply allows the rhetoric to be spewed more loudly and less regulated than other mediums, but everything that is being spouted existed before those platforms were ever programmed.


            Frankly, I think we should all go back to MySpace.

          Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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