The definition of Hate Speech keeps changing 

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    I swear I have been watching the news alot lately much like a bad habit of smoking as the way the world is going both worries and scares me in the path we people of the 21st Century are taking.

    One of these things that keeps me up at night are when the governments around the world talks about fighting Hate Speech on the internet yet……in alot of places there are already a heck of alot of laws that stop hate speech.

    For one thing there are already laws that prevent people in real life from threatening people online for being LGBT, black and women with jail time or fines in most of the Western World.

    Yet the governments around the world these days say that isn’t enough with the already put in place Hate Speech laws for the internet….there needs to something else put in and this bugs me because what more could they ask for?

    Most people aren’t racist, sexist or even homophobic, only a very small percentage of people in the modern especially in the West are any of these things these days because we have multiculturalism, education and access to other people along with their cultures like never before….yet governments around the world for some reason still think that they need to fight isms of any kind when most people know being an ist of any kind isn’t okay in today’s world because we already learn from recent past histories back in the 20th and before that, that racism, sexism and homophobia are bad.

    We in the West had Civil Rights movements after Civil Rights movements in decades long past to put an end to any and all isms and yet that still isn’t enough?

    The term Hate Speech I feel went from hate towards another group for being different to the majority to Hate Speech as in someone criticizing a politician for getting their haircut when everyone is supposed to be at home during the times we’re in but that is Hate Speech for calling out this politician’s hypocritical nature.

    And everyday more and more things are being declared Hate Speech as the term seems to get broader and broader with no clear definitive definition that gives us a full and accurate picture of what we can and can’t say in our everyday lives that might hurt or offend someone.

    It seems Hate Speech these days could be you saying you don’t like the new Last of us game or not liking Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker, instead of you hating on someone who is different that you for their skin colour, gender or sexual orientation which bothers me as I feel there are people in power taking away the severity of the term Hate Speech like alot of people took away the severity of the word for bad guys in World War 2, racist and certain group of people who think their colour is superior to everyone else’s colour.

    I swear governments and alot people like Big Tech these days are so intent on banning Hate Speech and not understanding that very very few people even say hateful or hurtful things to different minority groups like what the technical definition of Hate Speech means and this crackdown even happens MMO RPGs too.

    Like when I play an online game like Star Wars: The Old Republic and I join a guild in it….

    ……and I kid you not, I had to take my character in game then transport to my new guild’s ship where all the players of the guild meet up and meet the guild master’s character and the other people in charge of the guild.

    Then standing there infront of the leaders of the guild’s characters, I have to see in guild messages as the guild leaders would tell me and other new players in the guild about the various rules of being in the guild they must follow and…..Hate Speech is one of them which they don’t seem to elaborate on any further on what they mean and just say we will not accept Hate Speech in our guild then leave it there without proper examples?

    To me this bugs me as why would you go to all the trouble of recruiting a random player like me in SWTOR to join your guild to do fun group and social activities just to hit me and other players over the head with rules like not saying Hate Speech then not giving a direct or more defined meaning of the term for us to know then not to do?

    Like don’t say anything homophobic or racist things to other people in the guild and then not realizing that most players of SWTOR are from a modern society that know this already and don’t say anything racist or homophobic because it is already taboo in our society mostly in the West to engage in these things.

    Also why do you need me to bring my character to meet yours in the game to tell me in virtual person to not say Hate Speech when these guild leaders can just type out not liking Hate Speech in their guild in chat for all new players to see anywhere they are in the game world?

    It isn’t real life where I have to go in person for a job interview and be told to not do Hate Speech at the workplace.

    I ended up quitting that guild because I worried saying Hello to any of the guild might be defined as Hate Speech by this guild in SWTOR.

    To sum it, with how intense certain individuals, Big Tech and certain government entities around the world are getting with trying to fight Hate Speech, they fail to understand they need to stop being so broad about what they mean by not liking Hate Speech and just give us a more clear definition, as it seems anything these days can fall under that umbrella.

    Give us more detailed examples of Hate Speech then just leave it there and stop broaden it further to the point that we can’t keep up with what word or term is added to it each day as everything seems to or can be offensive these days?

    We as a Human collective in the West are slowly losing our vocabulary as the definition of Hate Speech is changing more and more everyday just because someone in power sees it as something they don’t like and go by their feelings rather than logic on what Hate Speech truly is and does it really impact a whole group of people?

    Like the time I had a job coach named Wendy who called me on the phone to ask me how my job placement was and I said Good good to her which alot of people say and my Job coach snaps at me over the phone and lectures me to not say good good because it was offensive to other people but in reality it was just her who hated the term good good and not the majority of people in society who often say it.

    The woman went by her own feelings rather than logic.

    These elites in power have the same mindset as Wendy my old job coach in that they hate hearing something that may not even be offensive in society but because they don’t like it will define it as Hate Speech like when someone calls out a politician for doing black face in their past and that politician says accusing them of black face is considered Hate Speech yet they are the one who did the act in the first place?

    To quote a reporter I watch “It seems Hate Speech these days is speech that someone hates rather than the speech that harbours ill will toward some group of people.”

    Maybe instead of saying everything is Hate Speech now, people in power should invent a new term like “I don’t like your speech” rather than taking Hate Speech and morphing it into your own personal cottage to do with as you wish.

    I fucking hate Hate Speech these days as it gets so confusing and broad







    Of course it keeps changing and it will continue to do so. More than allowing those who have invented the term to continually change it to encompass opinion they don’t like, it also means that they can change the definition to permit them to express any view they want with impunity. For example, labelling supporters of President Trump as cultists who need to be brainwashed into conforming with their own views.

    If hate speech was given a proper definition then they couldn’t do either.


    They are fiends who will NEVER be satisfied until everyone is an NPC like them, as they themselves are the LCM (lowest common denominator).


    There is no suchj shit as ‘hate speech’. There is however intentional violations of the Bill of rights to circumvent the meaning of Congress shall make no law.

    Anyone who claims to support ‘hate speech’ in in fact in support of complete censorship of anyone who rerfuses to listen to their bullshit.


    There is no such thing as hate speech.  The freedom of speech is simply that people can say things that you don’t agree with.  I don’t agree with BLM or the White Supremacy groups.  They are just a one sided coin with no value.  But they are both allowed to say what they want and I will defend that as I have for years.


    Hate speech.

    Hate crimes.

    political correct.



    Anything to keep up the delusion they are the victim of a non-existing thing… so they can blame others instead of taking responsibilities for their own actions.

    The need to control others because they lack self-control.


    Buckle up. Those bozos will keep inventing new terms and outlandish words to suit their whines and jeers.

    Whatever word they come up; whatever definition they concoct; they’re all just plain bollocks.


    Those who actually bother to learn history will be forced to watch it come back round and kick them in the balls.

    This shit is not new and it is going to happen again.


    @MrDragonbane, don’t you mean those stupid fucks who refuse to learn from history are going to repeat history.


    Or worse: how fucking stupid do you have to be to try to repeat history and hope for a different result! ? !



    But since they are uneducated they really think its a new attempt at their bullshit not attempt #500

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