The Empire Strikes Back

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    I have received news about The Empire Strikes Back.

    It is currently playing in limited theaters across the USA.

    This is in part for the 40th anniversary, but I have been told that Lucasfilm also is running it as a test to see the original STAR WARS fans reaction and if it will bring in box office profits.

    Right now, TESB is the #1 movie in USA box office.

    If you can, be sure to go see it and show Dizney that we want REAL STAR WARS back!

    I’m going to see it on Wednesday and I hope that you all will see it as well.

    It is only around in Pennsylvania this week, so check your city as it may be gone very soon.

    Besides, who wouldn’t want to see Hoth, Luke, Bespin, Boba, Han in carbonite, and the greatest reveal in movie history from Darth Vader on the big screen 1 more time?!

    Spread the word, and May The Force Be With Us All.

    #ThisISMySTARWARS #TheEmpireStrikesBack



    There are no theaters near me open. This is like putting a retraction for a false story on the last page of a newspaper in fine print cause you know the shit you wrote is trash.


    WTF is that all about? I’m going to see it on Wednesday. I can’t help if there isn’t a theater open near you. Did you even spend 2 minutes and do a Google search? Probably not. For all you know there is something within an hour away. Rather than being grumpy and negative, perhaps you should be celebrating REAL STAR WARS!


    Kick ass poster!


    Yeah, the good old days. MTFBWY


      Yay! One of the theaters near me just opened back up, i hope they show Empire Strikes Back! It would be a good move for them too if they want to make some cash, since last week this theater was actually re-showing Last Jedi 😹💸💸

      May the force be with you @NMSW




      I’m going to see it on Wednesday. I hope you get to see it too. May The Force Be With You


      Im in NAZIFORNIA you Ignant.

      Fucking Gov Nuisance just closed the fucking state cause he was incapable of telling the rioters to go the fuck home.


      You could just be happy for the people that can go see it instead of whining about how you can’t and getting mad at the OP because they’re happy about seeing good Star Wars in theatres. This was a happy post, don’t bring it down by being childish.


      If there was a drive-in theater anywhere near me, totally would’ve gone.




      Instead of taking it out on the OP, take it out on the criminals running your state.


      The empire strikes back is the best star wars movie, hands down.

    Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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