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    No there’s still some hope for the MCU


    Hope in your left shit in your right which fills faster?


    I don’t think it’s that woke, at least yet


    It won’t be entirely woke facts don’t care about your feelings.


    The only movies that’ll make over a billion probably will be Doctor Strange 2, Spider-Man 3, and guardians 3 the rest will be hit or miss.


    The fans have always had the real power….money.  You are seeing the result in DC with this bloodbath of layoffs. I have a feeling you might stat to see this with other franchises. Sooner or later their “experiment ” with WOKE crap will end.  Some will go double down before then. I think marvel will go this route, like a drown man.


    Just watch anime, that shit’s gooood af and it ain’t woke


    To me, Endgame is the final movie and Far From Home is the epilogue. Marvel really needs to consider ending the MCU, because the longer it runs, the more diluted the quality will become. Too much of anything is a bad thing, and Marvel movies are no exception. I am in favor of a rebranding though, to show a new era. That way it differentiates itself from the MCU, because a lot of these legacy actors are not coming back.

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      The MCU is done for.  EndGame was the last movie worth watching.  The ONLY reason people watched Captain Marvel is they thought it would give insight into EndGame.  If it wasn’t for EndGame, no one would have gone to see that woke piece of trash movie.

      Short of Scarlett Johanssen getting on a stripper pole and making that an entire MCU movie, there is absolutely no reason to continue watching the MCU.


      I dunno man, I’m really hyped for Black Widow, Black Panther 2, Dr Strange 2 and especially Shang Chi, Spidey 3 and eventually X-Men and next generation Avengers movies


      I’m so glad that I don’t even know what MCU is nor do I care. It seems I’ve spared myself a lot of suffering.


      If you’re into comicbook and superhero stuff then you miss out on a lot of good movies


      I’ve watched a lot of those movies like The Avengers, Iron Man, X-Men, The Incredible Hulk etc. but I never knew what MCU meant nor what the difference was between Marvel and DC. It’s all the same to me and I don’t shill for any studio. I don’t even know nor care about the names of any of the actors.


      To explain it simply the Marve Cinematic Universe is a series of cross over movies which consists of basically every Marvel movie since 2008 minus the X-Men and Deadpool


      The MCU is lead by one person who oversees all.

      The DCEU is stuck with making “individual” movies, because they have no overall goal/vision… wanting to have a cinematic universe but no concrete plan to do so.

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