The entire truth about immigration splayed out

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      Many of the things I saw in this I had already come to the conclusion of or assumed.

      However, hearing the exact details of it made it seem far worse.

      Here is the long and the short of it.

      – NGO’s are in South America using taxpayer funds encouraging and helping a non-stop flow of people from all over the world

      – There is zero compassion in this migration, the trip is long, difficult and dangerous.  Many people die along the way.  Anyone defending this with “compassion” or “you racist” is an uninformed useful tool or someone who stands to gain from it.

      – The Chinese have mobilized in the area spoken about in this video, The Darien Gap. There are many camps of people moving across of course but the Chinese are one of them, all young males and when approached or asked questions they will not speak.

      – These are not asylum seekers.  It’s people living in abject poverty being told that if they can survive the trek they will have opportunity waiting for them.

      – This historic movement of people is unprecedented, not organic and entirely orchestrated.

      —-In my opinion this is our greatest crisis at home and WW3 is our greatest external crisis.  If you vote for Biden or whatever establishment goon replaces him and anyone part of that establishment (even if there is an R in front of their name) then do not be surprised when you get more of all this to the point where the country breaks.  And it will indeed break, overnight and quick and no one will see it coming.


        I watched that the other day. Interesting, and disturbing.

        Imo the entire border/immigration crisis is manufactured in order to get democrat votes. Because historically they vote democrat. There is cases of Democrats even admitting it many years back. I’ve seen the video’s. That’s what it all boils down to for me. There is NO excuse for that is happening other than it being done on purpose. Period.


        Same here in the UK with the channel crossings. They insist on filling these rubber dingies to the brim and still put their kids on it even though IT’S CLEARLY FULL! Then they cry crocodile tears when it pops and sinks. It angers me because I’m pretty sure these people NEVER care for their kids at all. If so, why are you putting them on what’s clearly a full inflatable???


        It’s not only about the major parties winning “local” elections it’s about affecting foreign policy as well.

        Look at the Ilhan Omar situation with her pro Somalia speech (and associated calls for her deportation). People wonder how come she’s still in office but the fact is there’s a strong Somali diaspora in her constituency.

        Picture this playing out throughout the US with different diasporas normalizing the interests of foreigners ahead of citizens


        Not suggesting that it wasn’t happening before but if you think sending money to Ukraine was bad you ain’t seen nothing yet.






          There is something –FAR- more sinister about this than Democrat votes (it’s not just Democrats) or a slave class.  I believe those things are why this started decades ago.

          While those original reasons for might still be in play I think the goal now is to erase western borders from within.  It’s called globalism for a reason.  No nations, no borders, just a central 1 world government.  The original goals were cast by forces with the US.  Now it’s all being pushed by forces outside of the US and that’s why you see THE EXACT same thing all over the West.

          If you pour enough of a different culture into an existing one the original culture no longer exists and that country ceases to be (the same happens in the source countries), the borders dissolve from within as the country is now just a location on a map with a name.  You dump South and Central America into the US you just collapsed many countries and not just 1.

          The scary thing here in the US is this.  What if they give away Citizenship for service (Rome)?  Then you have some portion of the military that has no connection, appreciate or care for the country they fight for.  So when the government tells them you need to do terrible things to these citizens, they have no issues doing so.

          Also, everyone needs to stop assuming this is just Democrats.  It’s not.  98% of all the people in DC are your problem. I don’t care what letter comes before their name.  They are all on the same team, theirs.  And we are all on the same team, We The People.  We need to understand where the lines are drawn, unify and fight together appropriately.

          We are a sliver of a hair away from civil conflict and a sliver of  a hair from WW3.  How much worse must it get before you realize the people in DC are not the solution but the actual problem.


          PS – Why do we need a bill worth 120 billion to solve a situation where the core issue is simply that laws are not being enforced? You don’t solve bad policy with more bad policy.

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          Schumer Threatens to Send US Troops to Fight Russia Unless Republicans Agree to His $100 Billion World Aid Bill (VIDEO)
          by Cristina Laila

          Chuck Schumer, blackmail right on cue.
          If you don’t pass the Immigration bill, Americans will be sent to Ukraine




            Yes, just Democrats and Jews are trying to ruin things.  Wake up, it’s all of DC.  Has nothing to do with anything outside of that and the forces that influence it externally.

            Your “I Hate Jews” is getting old.


            NYC monthly food benefits for Illegal Aliens are 40 percent higher than welfare for NYC residents.


            People have been talking about this for 30 years. Oh yeah, and they were called racist when they told you decades ago. They were acccused of “HATE” prior to the invasion of tens of millions.

            Bret Weinstein and Tucker Carlson are NOT being honest with you, because it’s not just the USA. It’s Canada, EU, UK, Australia and all simultaneous and coordinated at the same time.

            China, India, Africa and The Middle East have no problem securing their borders. Even Latin America is more capable.

            Amazing Polly said that the “Intellectual Dark Web” are a bunch of gatekeepers. What is getting old is all this pretending by alt media figures for ratings.




              Bret Weinstein and Tucker Carlson are NOT being honest with you, because it’s not just the USA

              They were being 100% honest.  They did not say anything about other countries (yes this is all across the west we all know that).  They were talking specifically about the US.  That’s why Weinstein was in the Darian Gap region.  They did not talk about other countries because it did not belong in that context.  Weinstein went there for himself and saw it, did on the ground investigation and reported on it.

              Jordan Peterson is a phony?  I guess he uses his near genius levels of intellectual ability to break concepts down, understand them and rebuild them in front of you to obfuscate his real motivations of what of taking over the world.

              Joe Rogan, oh yeah absolute phony.  He is just on Spotify everyday actually speaking about important topics as he too wants to rule the world.

              No wonder you are so confused and angry.  You distrust and hate everyone and everything who might actually propose or speak about solutions to the core of the problems you complain about.

              You are falling for the subversion you complain about.  No need to intellectually joust your political opponents when you can just convince their supporters to hate them.  This is the primary tool of the establishment.  The smear. And you swallowed that hook so hard it’s lodged in your bunghole.


              Certainly possible and was afraid this would happen. There are some people that I genuinely do NOT like because, even if their information is correct, they have a tendency to kind of sneer at people for not knowing stuff that they were never exposed to in the first place. Hoping not to end up like that, but feel that is becoming the case.

              Also, being raised by occupied media, it’s tough not to see every issue through some kind of Cult Of Personality, which only now am I beginning to shake off.

              The concept around the Gatekeepers is that you have a group of Alt Lite that kind of take the places of fan bases that were abandoned by Big Tech as they purged independent voices one by one. The intelligentsia has always been Marxist in nature. One example would be Bill Kristol, who some thing is a conservative, but never was. May get into this more if there’s any good material about it. It’s not an easy thing to grasp. Whitney Webb calls it a “Limited Hangout.” But, yeah, the more you know, the problem is, the masses are nowhere near the fringe and operate on more of an NFL or Bud Light level. There’s a reason Ben Shapiro is the new Oliver Anthony right now.



                There are some people that I genuinely do NOT like because, even if their information is correct, they have a tendency to kind of sneer at people for not knowing stuff that they were never exposed to in the first place

                Dislike is fine.  But it must be kept in mind that even an a-hole with truthful information is still someone with truthful information.  Staying humble takes consistent introspection and effort.  It does not happen by accident.   Delivering information while feeling superior stains your delivery and therefore makes you far less effective at doing so.  Someone looking to make change has to stay humble.

                The people you claim are gatekeepers (Shapiro, Rogan, Peterson etc) could not be more wrong.  You are charging folks for gatekeeping whom have built their own companies and given a number of people a platform that would not have had it otherwise.  Those same folks also genuinely interview many people and give them a voice as well.  Even people they disagree with.  But you dislike them because someone told you to because it benefits them for you not to listen to those “gatekeepers”.

                You have fallen prey to the propaganda you complain about. Your suspicions are founded but your targeting is way off.


                It’s possible.

                The media has zero credibility, so I go elsewhere for information. So far outside the spectrum that I get to the point where a lot of the people I am fans of are like in a crossfire of accusations. Had a good laugh one time walking down the street I saw a guy with a Hail Lobster shirt. I asked him if anyone ever points it out, but he said no, but I thought it was funny as hell. I do see Prager and others doing the right thing in trying to platform as many people as they can to signal boost many people and that is so great and so noble and really affects me in a positive way, but just because they do that does not mean they are not leading and directing the focus elsewhere off of things that might be important. Still, I think the best thing you can do for someone is get them ratings if you like them.

                Not sure if saying Clean Your Room is genius level intellect. I’ve seen JP and others flat out duck very direct questions. One thing that is correct though is that if a young man benefits from given exposure by the IDW, then that is at least making a difference in the lives of young western men, which JP claims to be about.



                  Not sure if saying Clean Your Room is genius level intellect. I’ve seen JP and others flat out duck very direct questions.

                  “clean your room” as 3 words used as command from a parent to a child is meaningless beyond that parent and that child.  Those 3 words used as an allegory for the direction of lives of young  people and especially young men is absolutely a boon of wisdom for those lacking that wisdom.

                  You need not move the goalposts.  I see that as an admission of  knowing your argument is baseless or a direct attempt to subvert the conversation.

                  I said Peterson was near genius.  You redirect to 3 words.  Then you mention something about ducking questions.

                  I am sure many folks duck questions.  No one is the authority on everything nor should everyone talk publicly about anything.  That’s a silly anecdotal point that means nothing in this context.

                  Jordan is smarter than you or I could ever dream of being.  Does that mean he is always right?  No.  But I have watched hours of his discussions.  On the topics he is familiar with he will tear down a topic to it’s base components and rebuild it in front of you such that when he is done you cannot deny his explanation.

                  Look at some of his early interviews where woke journalists (activists) came at him over and over.  He got known from those because they came at him like a woke  spider monkey and he laid down nothing but logic such that everyone watching that could see what was going on and it laid their attempts bare.  Which is why they no longer interview him.

                  He is logical, authentic and truthful.  Does not mean anyone needs to agree with what he says but those things need to be acknowledged.

                  It astounds me how you are looking so hard for truth and when you find it you call it lies because someone else told you it was lies. Don’t listen to someone else, judge for yourself.

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                  Will do. Here’s the thing. Some people over the years have asked where did these people come from? Like, why all of a sudden are there clips of these people, heavily edited and released online with titles like “X totally owns this College student” or “X rocks CPAC.” The reason some claim Gatekeeping is because, despite claiming Big Tent, America First patriots are barred from CPAC. This is only one example.

                  Also, didn’t Bret flip? Wasn’t he a woke professor at Evergreen State College before the students turned on him? Could be wrong about that, but heard it was very much like the situation in the Ivy League, where the youth were groomed to hate the west and then, when they supported Gaza, suddenly, now, it’s an issue. The reasons for suspicions is that it comes off like a media career to these constructed people.

                  People say decide for yourself, but when you do they accuse you hate. When Bret Weinstein suddenly hacks talking points of Pat Buchanan, you have to start questioning things yourself.

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