The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

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    Sharon Carter still exists not because shes her granddaughter, but shes actually her grand niece. “…but I always knew her as Aunt Peg”


    My fear is what they do with US Agent. I can see them giving him the Rorschach treatment from wokemen.


      1 more month…


        5 more days 🤩


          Ok, i only have one thing to say about The Falcon And The Winter Soldier…

          Red-Wing’s f***ing adorable 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤖🦅


          watching now. Great!

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          decent first episode

          looking forward to seeing more of bucky`s redemption arc


          The first episode was decent, this second I liked a lot. Characters get so much more felshed out in these series. I just hope Bucky starts to fight more like in the earlier movies, in Infinity War and Endgame he just stood with a fucking rifle, that shit is boring.

          Also looks like they’re going for the route with Falcon not being accepted as the new Captain America


          One thing I find interesting is the slogan of the Flag-Smashers “one world, one people.” They are the villains and it seems like they are everything the globalists would want.


            😂, @comicsgate, do the maths, who’s the villain? I’m loving this show 🤣🤣

            Second episode had a sprinkle of identity politics, but it was tiny and done in a funny way, the pros outweigh the cons by miles


            “My fear is what they do with US Agent. I can see them giving him the Rorschach treatment from wokemen.” – JamesMidway

            Great show so far (binging now), apparently you didn’t watch it as they said the press framed his writings as white supremacist which The Seventh Kalvary then latched onto.


            @DigiCat with identity politics, I assume you refer to the BLM stuff?

            And it’s funny because if they go with the ”Sam is struggling because people won’t accept a black Captain America”, a year ago I  would’ve called it out as woke identity politics pandering. But after joining this forum and reading quite a lot of comments from certain weird right wing sjws who moan about the smallest things (definitely not talking about you DigiCat, 95% of the times I agree with you, I was more referring to the weirdos like Niko Bellic, may he rest in peace) I find it quite ironic.

            Like people here have quite clearly expressed that they resist the idea of a gay/trans/whatever Captain America and called out the woke bullshit of having a black guy being the new Cap in Endgame (even on this thread). And when it becomes a problem in the story for Sam, people call it out as a woke sjw narrative in the story? It’s just ironic. The ones who cry and resist a black Captain America cries and resists even more when in the story, it becomes an obstacle for Sam. Really makes you think, it kinda proves the situation.

            Anyway, I do think it was too sudden and in your face that out of nowhere cops pull up on Sam. They could’ve handled it better. But I think Sam’s journey is gonna be about realizing he can’t fill Steve’s boots by copying him, but find another way. His own way. Kinda like Spidey and Tony.


              Yup, the cop scene did initially start to smell of cringe (like “oh no, not a cops all bad scene…) 😂 but it ended up being quite funny, especially the cop’s reaction when he realizes he’s talking to Falcon, and it did have a little twist at the end 😁

              As for your theory on the people not accepting black Captain America, I don’t think there’ll be any problems on behalf of the people, but rather it’s those who are in charge who don’t want Falcon to be the next Cap, and not because he’s black, but, as proven in Civil War, ’cause he can’t be controlled


              Good dialogue from Baron Zemo  on how super soldier serum can’t be separated from supremacist ideals. Bucky mentions Steve and Zemo says there’s never been another Steve Rogers, as he was the exception to Zemo’s blanket statement. Very good writing.

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              This show is actually getting really good and the most recent one actuallly had some kinda brutal gore which we haven’t seen in a while. Really like it

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