The Fall (& Fall) of Raid Shadow Legends

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      Before we get to the topic, a word from our sponsor:

      Have you heard of Raid Shadow Legends?! It’s the new, dark MMO RPG where you get your ass handed to you by big spende-I mean, very hard video game bosses. Power up your party with microtrasna- erm, Items and gambling your mortgage and Mommy and Daddy’s credit cards for characters you will never get in your life time. With one download, you too can enjoy all the wonderful things Raid Shadow Legends has to offer:

      -Battle Passes with rewards you may or not get whether or not you’re a whale.

      -Little or no PvE content

      -A broken 3v3 arena mode that lies about being a tag team mode (How does that even work?), and doesn’t even function properly on day one. It comes with a bazaar that was purposely NOT INCLUDED in the recent patch.

      -Level up rewards that suck

      -Mods who will disrespect you and ban you for bringing up bugs and issues with the shotty game if they haven’t been threated by Plarium for finally encouraging players to call them out on lying and screwing the playerbase over with features no one wanted (Nobody, but Plarium wanted a 3v3 arena mode). Discord emotes are literally removed from their chat rooms because they don’t want to get triggered from people upset with the current game

      -Community contests that are rigged because they don’t want to get triggered by memes that expose how terrible the company is (They tried to get rid of a meme contest they announced on Discord and in-game because they know the community will flat out shit on them).

      -Plarium deleting those “fake negative reviews” while putting up fake reviews (like every other gacha game company)


      The guy in the video was a mod and Raid content creator who was threatened by Plarium for suggesting fans should call out Plarium. He’s had enough of their shit, and exposes more dirt on the company. Plarium has been very shady with the way they treat Youtubers and content creators. Raid has been an absolute mess for the past 2-3 months, and people are not happy. Mods on discord are banning players who keep bringing up bugs now, and content creators are starting to put their feet down. It’s getting review bombed by the community while Apple and Google help Plarium with fake reviews.


      “Why should I care? It’s a stupid gacha”

      Because like Soyny and Games Wokeshop Plarium is trying to silence people for criticizing them let alone screwing over customers. Soyny silencing Youtubers basically started this trend where companies can attack customers, silence their voice, and try to get away with whatever they want to do like pushing far left agenda in LoU2 or  make a half-assed, woke edition of 9th edition (or for Plarium’s case, lie about giving players new content while trying to shove in sleazy, broken game modes to feed on gambling addictions).

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