The First Order: Purpose

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    A lot of people have asked where does this idiotic “First Order” come from and how does this bullshit fit into the Star Wars

    universe timeline, etc. You forgot that the new films are all ‘meta.’ The “first order” is you. It is Luke, Dr. Who, Sarah Connor,

    Spock, Picard, Batman, Captain America, etc. It is attempting to paint the critics of their ‘new order’ as some sort of space-nazis,

    tyrants, etc. The audience for the new films are supposed to relate to it all in its new ‘meta’ (deconstructionist) form, and they

    are a stand-in metaphorically for people like Doomcock, Nerdrotic, anyone who points out the past. The objective is to destroy

    the past, kill it if you have to, and they’re telling the audience that anyone who “clings” to the past is some sort of fascist.

    This is why it is called “The First Order” and why it is so nebulous and doesn’t logically fit into the storyline of the “Evil Empire” and

    previous Star Wars Films.  The ‘antagonists’ of the new Star Wars films are YOU.  Clearly at this point, you must have noticed a

    pattern emerge where all these ‘heroes’ and ‘icons’ of the past are being ‘torn down.’ It’s all for a reason. It’s way beyond the idea of

    bad writing in terms of how it fits in. The only way you are supposed to watch these new films is as a de-constructionist, the point of view

    of the protagonists in the films is to destroy not an evil empire, but Star Wars itself.

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