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    Talk about Friday Night Tights here in this thread.


    Here is what I learned today from Friday Night Tights as follows. Masks are the new condoms. Go up to people holding your mask in your hand, “Do you want to talk IN THE RAW, FACE TO FACE, WITH NO FACE CONDOM, or are you not hard-core enough like a p-word wimp?”


    The END of James Bond #MeT007 – Friday Night Tights with Kyle Dunnigan and Kurt Metzger:


    Did Gary boomer it again or is youtube up to new shenanigans? As a non American I can only access the episode via VPN. Otherwise it says the uploader made this vid unavailable for my country. Others seem to be having the same experience.


    The guest were funny a few times. Good jokes and good impressions. I enjoyed some of it.

    Also, I’ve really been enjoying the James Bond talk by all the fans and hearing their ideas about how he is supposed to be fun. Also, he’s supposed to be all high-class and stuff. I think of James Bond like at a yacht club or a Polo match like a J. Crew model or something. Maybe rowing boats in the Ivy Leagues, or being a really good equestrian. The Brosnan Bond nailed the character a few times when they had Bond on the slopes with skis in Aspen, Colorado or Veil, Colorado or something like that and that is classy and something Bond would do. Another time with Brosnan, they had Bond fencing. Fencing is a classy sport. Another good one might be archery. Sports and activities for the rich. I could see James Bond being a really good tennis player. James Bond character would be doing high status activities to mingle with high net worth marks.

    A character like that, but in a different way, was Johnny Utah from Point Break, who was primarily a surfer. From surfing, it went into all the extreme sports or adrenaline sports as the gang of thrill-seekers went out to commit crimes and the Johnny Utah spy had to infiltrate that gang by become a good surfer first and then, a really good skydiver. I also liked the remake, where Johnny Utah branched out into other X-Games sports, so I think of Johnny as a radical dude and surf bro type character spy instead of a high classy spy like Bond. One thing about Point Break and Donnie Brasco was that they infiltrated the mob or a gang and became broes. As broes, the bittersweet ending is always when the spy captures the gang-leader, so accomplishing the mission means betraying your bro friends with whom you’ve experienced the adrenaline rushes with. It was like “hey, good times! Now, you are under arrest” and then, sadness and loss of peak adrenaline in life and without that, the withdrawal.

    FNT actually shows a clip of The 355, which is a female spy gang movie with international women. Plot says little, only that a secret weapon was taken and they have to get it back. I would think a female spy movie that might work better, which might’ve already been done, would have the female spies in the world of runway modeling or ballet or other girl things. You’d think spy girl movies would be easier because it’s all about the seduction and the relationship and all that sleeping-with-the-enemy dynamic. I actually think the Bene Gesserit of Dune does this the best and just has the religious order of women become wives of the Houses they want to infiltrate and takeover, so their method of conquest is to simply have the kids of their enemies.

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