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    If only Disney had this kind of passion as I see in the Star Wars community here.

    I saw a lot of great points in here. And at the end of the day these stories lead us to learn things about ourselves. Who do we see when we look into the mirror. What does another person see when they see us?

    This is what made Star Wars so great and stand the test of time. The characters who battled with these ideas and the worlds that collided with them.

    Disney/Lucas has lost sight of this and tried to take the subjective nature of Star Wars and make it THEIR objective truths.

    To me that is evil. To them it is justice.

    Very true! You just nailed the fallacy of Disney’s Star Wars. This is why I, and I’m sure many others on this site, are so sick and tired of Disney/Lucasfilm’s crap. They are oversimplifying stories that are a lot more complex than they give them credit.

    Well done!


    Short answer – no

    Long answer – no but they are stupid and up their own arse


    I think by the time of the prequels the jedi  weren’t what they use to be.

    But in the EU Luke’s new Jedi order don’t have the problems that the old jedi order had.


    I address this idea in a short blog on this site ^^^^^ and it is called “Star Wars: War on Terror (If Jedi were the antagonist).”


    Well Lucas wrote the Jedi to be basically flawed. Their Order was very orthodox and collective on a obscene level. By the time we are introduced to them in TPM, despite being at a high point in their power they are also in the process of falling from grace.  When young Anakin is brought before the Council, it was kinda like Jesus being brought before the priests while on trial. By each movie, they lost their way, they were consumed by their great hubris, arrogance  and lust for power, the way of the sword was too easily selected. In their case they feared losing  control, control of the Republic, the Force and civilization with them at the top.


    There  is a Sith shrine buried under the Jedi Temple on Coruscant that has been for thousands of years. And slowly  corrupting the Jedi and diminishing their ability see clearly and use the Force. Luceno introduced it in his Tarkin book but it apparently went back to an unused TCW Season 6 or Season 7 arc with Ahsoka facing off against Sidious under the bowels of the Jedi Temple.


    But as far as the Jedi being evil, corrupted by evil yes, including by the Sith. The great Sith plan that Sidious inherits from Plagueis and  eventually executed. But Sidious is nutcase, and makes the same mistakes whether you count Dark Empire or the Sequel Trilogy or both, its the same outcome for him.  But the Jedi and the Sith are like an oroborus, constantly devouring eachother in the symbolic 8 configuration, an infinite struggle.  Too much light and too much dark, is chaos.  But Star Wars always has a Light Side ending, its defaulted to be essentially one dimensional . Good guys have to win.


    True.  I was speaking within the confines of the current canon.

    You’re thinking of The New Jedi Order: Traitor and The New Jedi Order: Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand.


    The jedi temple being on top of a dark side nexus is mentioned in a early EU book. I dont recall which one. Its not a Cowgirl Dave origional.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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