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    i personally feel like she who must not be named is like hitler, without her we wouldnt be where we are today. hi all by the way just joined


    StebsonGold That video, haha!  Sums it up quite well.  I knew it was going to be bad but I didn’t know it would be this bad!  I just got back from watching the links Jeremy had on his video he did today.

    So this is what fantasy feminism looks like in a game.  Never forget, this is what they do to what you care about and love folks.

    This is what they think of you when the doors are closed.  But when want to get inside your wallet they will say what ever they need to say.  Opening your wallet for this amounts to bending the knee.


    I take that back a bit, saying opening your wallet for this game is bending the knee.  Claiming it is a 10/10 and giving something like this praise is bending the knee to these people.  I would never pay money for something like this.  I play video games to escape from the non sense.  Not get a 10 hour lecture on the subject.

    This is like lesbian fantasy porn.



    I looked at amazon and every version I could find did not have a single review as of this evening. Walmart had a few reviews avg 4.1  and all of them were written before the game was even released 🤣




    No Amazon reviews, heck even Amazon Japan has no reviews and users on Amazon Japan are usually very fast to post their displeasure on something in the review section.




    Worst game ever.


    It’s the access media. Powerful companies, with powerful wishes get powerful reviews…


    It’s definitely the Last Jedi of gaming:

    – Media love it, viewers hate it: check

    – Destruction of a beloved character: check

    – Calling people who don’t like it Russian trollbots, angry male or fake: check

    – Subverting our expectation (= destroying a franchise in the name of agenda): check

    – Actors (or voice actors) attacking fans: check

    – Director attacking fans: check

    – Journalists rating it as a masterpiece for their preferred access and because they’re afraid/submissive when it’s a big studio: check


    Amazon reviews are piling up:

    Finished the whole game unlike most reviewers here. Narrative and storytelling wise this game is atrocious. The scene cuts and flashbacks have no order and only hurts the player experience and adds confusion which is never resolved. If you enjoyed the first last of us game then be warned, the devs really made it their mission in this game to tear down everything we loved and enjoyed from the predecessor in hopes to “subvert expectations….

    The game’s graphics are beautiful. Great mechanics like the first game. Amazing environments by the concept artists. Stellar voice acting. But the story is TERRIBLE. One must judge for themselves, but I don’t believe this game should have been made. They found a way to give the most depressing ending possible to two of the greatest characters of all time.

    …more Amazon reviews





    I finished (almost quit) but i finished it and I feel like I should have watch the spoilers laughing out loud (yes I spelled the whole lol) lets call it how it is ok? It’s funny how I seen people drag games tru the mud because of their story yet this one gets a pass? really?

    Let’s be honest here TLOU2 is all about the journey and the story both which become extremely cringy and dull after events transpire during the “journey”.

    The game is stunningly amazing to look at nobody is denying that now the combat is meh same as the first one with very little improvements made (basically jump and evade) and the story which is supposed to be its bread and butter feels more like a cold bar of butter going through sandwich bread tearing it open and honestly damaging the franchise.

    Let me describe how The fans of The Last of Us 1 are going to feel about They Laugh at Us 2 lol Imagine that you are John Wick right? They killed the puppy your dying wife left you AND they steal your car AND they beat the crap out of you right? Notice how I emphasize the AND (Because that is a lot right?) now imagine if John Wick (you) caught up with them and instead of shooting your way tru them like you did to all their minions……did nothing to them and let them go yeahh !!! sounds much better than the movie we saw right?

    That’s how fans of the Last of Us 1 are going to feel about this one I recommend renting it save your 60 dollars put them towards a PS5 or a better game and get this game only if you find it on an extremely cheap sale.


    Your John Wick analogy — excellent.


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