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    I never  cared about the race swapping of The Little Mermaid’s Ariel. She is a Cartoon, a fictitious character from make believe land. She is not unpleasant to look at all…but HOLY SMOKES! What were they thinking with casting Awkwafina (??? Who the hell is that anyways) to sing Scuttlebutt?
    The only way I can describe it is CRACK MUSIC.
    You have to at least watch till the song ends, I know it will be a test of your will within the first 25 seconds but you absolutely need to hear it in it’s entirety to appreciate the destructive force that is Disney LGBT+
    This song is not fun or pleasant but it is designed  to be an ear-bug for impressionable children that love annoying things that sound funny & that is 90% of all kids ages 5-10, I have kids in my family in that age range & they love loud obnoxious songs…because to them, it’s funny.
    But imagine being the parents of a kid that heard this song. May God have mercy on your ears.
    But that is the whole thing with these writers. They aren’t writers, they are Activists & we need to remove them from our media & get them off our kids…and I do mean GET THEM OFF OF OUR KIDS!
    I also make a HARSH & I do mean Harsh suggestion on what to do to get rid of these activists, it’s not ideal & likely not legally enforceable, but we need to figure out a way to get rid of all these people.
    I think the writer’s strike will be a good thing, at least in the eradication of these activists…but it can also mean we lose the good guys & only have the Woke Necromorphs in the end since they have spread far & wide. We’ll see.
    So naturally because I played the entire song, the studio Copywrite Claimed the monetization of the video & Blocked it in some territories. Canada, USA & Russia are in the clear. I’m trying hard to grow my channel but these copywrites hurt the spread of the video so if anything in this video resonated with you, I hate to ask but if you can do me the favor of liking it, maybe commenting & sharing it, I would greatly appreciate it. Since my Steven Crowder video, my channel has been suggested less often even though the advertisers put high value ads on them, youtube does not push me out, it’s crazy.


      Hollywood in general has been so biased and such a cult now for so long that I think they have chased out most people with any real talent and refuse to let anyone in unless they are part of the cult.  So at this point they are almost completely void of anyone fresh or any new ideas.  I believe this is why all the movie stars are older people now and why they do constant reboots.  It’s because they literally have nothing else.

      How do we solve it?  Let activist companies and industries like Disney and  Hollywood whither on the vine. They might not die off completely but they will shrink and lose influence.  This should naturally leave a huge vacuum in the market that will be filled by actually talented people whom are just frothing at the mouth to bring their ideas to the light of day.

      I think this is already happening if you look at how other companies are creating media now like DailyWire and Rippa.  In both cases those are new ventures in media looking to capitalize in industries where the industry leaders have fallen off their throne.

      “evil cannot create it can only corrupt” – Tolkien

      EDIT – watched your vid, holy crap that song was horrible.  I mean it’s not just annoying it is awful.  Also I really enjoyed your breakdown of modern Hollywood and how it operates today.  I think that explains a lot and I believe the reality is that is going on all over corporate America.

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      I work in Corporate Canada, I know how out of touch all these major Corporations are. Management is always  promoted through the hungriest to be seen with least regard to the Employees as well as the consumer. It is a bizarre thing when you realize how out of touch with reality Upper management really is.
      My company wanted me to aim for a management role because of my influential personality & I considered it only for a second.
      I absolutely do believe that the Upper heads of all these terrible companies that were once good, were completely misguided into promoting the wrong people that had interesting ideas, only to be betrayed by them in the end. They hired them, promoted them & they in turn brought in their own & slowly started rotting the companies to the ground.
      They are destructive & they all want to see Corporate America & Traditional values collapse. It’s really simple to understand why they want their employers to collapse:
      These people will get paid regardless, it’s the company that suffers, not them. You should really look into what was going on behind the scenes of She Hulk. What I said in the video, was repeated by the staff themselves. The head writer the Asian woman even relished the story about how she would make fun of or try to put Kevin in his place in front of other staff during meetings & how she would always try to undermine what he wanted. Eventually he just gave up because he was tired of trying to make something good. Then you had the times where they would present Kevin a script that he would approve, then they would work on the real script behind his back. They said from the get go, they made the show with the negative feedback they got from their test audiences. Disparu made lots of video on that & Rings Of Power.
      This is also why I stopped my “The Worst Of She Hulk” series where I just clipped all the worst parts of each episode. The videos were getting 1000s of views & hundreds of likes & lots of interactions, but I stopped because I did not want to continue giving them a spotlight & taking from my energy. Even though the channel died after that, I don’t regret the choice I made to stop.

      These people are sick activists, but they are far worse because they are holding the world ransom & they don’t want anything from us. It’s a Zero Sum Situation where if we continue to let them run wild, they will bankrupt everything.
      Another thing people aren’t considering is how protected they are now because the company signed these contracts  with the staff that pretty much made them untouchable.
      No company in the world is ever on board to LOSE MONEY unless it meant for them to usher in a new plan that will make them more money than before.

      A show does not need more than 2 writers.
      Anyways, I don’t know how much sense I am making in this reply, I am operating off of 2.5 hours of sleep for the 3rd day this week.


      I was never going to see this movie anyway, but this crackhead song just confirmed what I already knew. There has been a cultural collapse. It’s all been replaced by a sub-culture. It’s not just in this movie and it has been going on for a very long time. Would say probably since the 90s, but it even predates that.

      Thank you for pointing this out, because there was a time where Disney was one of the last sources for good show tunes and good musicals. It was a place for melodies from real craftsmen at the piano that put heart into the music. Rap and Hiphop delivers some amazing lyrics, but it’s not music because there is no sheet music for it. No one goes to a choir, piano or guitar or any other instrument to perform rap. Instead, it’s a beat machine and they loop it. I enjoy watching a lot of Black Reaction videos to music on youtube and they say the same thing, that people are being conditioned to accept monotonous things. Being stuck in the loop, in a very literal sense.

      Was going to drop this song in the “Representation” thread, but I’ll post it here. The whole representation thing makes no sense to us because most of us grew up on “hiphop and R&B” by soul divas our entire lives. I like this one because it’s like advice from a spiritual black woman that you would consider a friend. There is wisdom in the music and it’s actual music, unlike what we get now, which is full of ego and bragging.



        I love your takes on these situations because they really make sense and explain how this is now functioning where the rubber meets the road so to speak.  I think this situation with the companies is also going on in the militaries.  I have heard it explained more than once that in the current US forces an everyday John Doe can get in and get to a certain point but to get promoted past a certain point it’s about checking boxes of diversity and inclusion.

        So we see much the same thing playing out in companies and the military.  I don’t think that is at all a coincidence. I can personally recall starting to hear about such things being put in place in our US Military after Obama got in and that is also when all the racial, religious and gender stuff started as well.  My point is I think that was one of that administration’s goals.  And since essentially that same admin is running things again we see all that junk grow by leaps and bounds.

        I don’t think large companies or the militaries can function long like this.  Both will fall to a level where they merely are on life support and really just non-functional. Organizations cannot do well when you hire based on immutable characteristics and not on merit.  Clearly a society that does that in general will cease to move forward and will stop evolving.


        I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s.  We did not give a sh!t about skin color. We listened to and enjoyed music for many reasons.  When rap came out it was just dudes having fun and talking about their experiences through music.  From what I recall it was just mostly fun with a lot of freestyle stuff and battles and whatnot.  This is also when break dancing was a thing.  Then slightly later on came “gangsta rap” it was rap but focused on street life.  Then at some point original rap went away and almost all of it turned into gangsta rap which then proceeded to morph in hiphop which is solely about not your experiences and your life as much as just a bunch of negative stereotypes to sell music to young people who no longer know what good music is because they have never heard any of it.



        This discussion reminds me of electronic dance music and drugs. It’s important to approach discussions about topics like movie choices or changes in entertainment with understanding and open-mindedness. Everyone has different opinions, and it’s essential to engage in conversations respectfully and consider diverse perspectives.

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