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    Well in all this disney woke shit. mess there are stil few people who can make decent and good story without politics. John Farveau and Fillon arn’t perfect but.thi finale felt as star wars should be,the hero we  wanted to see to be back.  I Shed tiers ,seeing how well it was made how the hero is his fathers son. Reactions with these you feel people dont have empty hearts ,once movies didn’t something like this,now Anime and manga dose it. Haven’t cried since i saw Kimi no suizou wo tabatai my fave anime of all time.

    SW Theory reaction

    Anna’s Reaction well… Its like shes had proposal. Tears of Joy are the best ones.


    Ive never cared what Theroy thought. He is just another rat cocksucker.


    True and sincere fan reactions here. It’s what we all wanted to see out of their Trilogy and we finally got it. The best possible season ending Jon and Dave could have given us.

    When the hater’s best defense is “it still doesn’t matter because of the TLJ”, you know they hit it out of the park.


    Well Jake Soiwalker is still a piece of shit.

    Till they remove the known endpoint the middle is meaningless.


    At first, I thought Anna-that star wars girl, by crying and saying “Baby” all the time, I thought Baby Yoda/Groku DIED?

    I am confused? ! ?




    WTF? ! ?


    BY is no longer the main character of the BY show.

    Maybe mando will finally own his own show? Or maybe with the rumors concerning whatshisass and the helm it can become the Boba Fett show.


    I think they had announced a “Book of Boba Fett” spin-off.

    u-tubers reported a end-credit scene were Boba Fett took control of the old Hutt Palace/criminal organization.


    True and sincere fan reactions here. It’s what we all wanted to see out of their Trilogy and we finally got it. The best possible season ending Jon and Dave could have given us.

    When the hater’s best defense is “it still doesn’t matter because of the TLJ”, you know they hit it out of the park.


    Hit it out of the park?

    They used the maximum amount of member berry juice to squeeze and push and overload everyone’s short term memory to forget that what you just saw still leads to the pathetic loser in TLJ.

    The fact that you use that as your defense of it shows that you are in denial.

    Star Wars is not saved.

    This was the ultimate move to make everyone feel good, and I’ll be that guy in the room that says I pity everyone that got the uber feels from it. Everyone was so desperate for at a taste of REAL Star Wars, that a glimpse of the real Luke Skywalker broke their brains for a few days, turning them in to jibbering masses.

    I must, as a continuity nerd, point out, why was he still wearing the black glove? The only reason Luke wore that glove on RotJ was because his hand was damaged and he had not time to get it fixed during the movie’s missions. This is years later, right? His hand would have been fixed, making having him wearing the glove just another member berry pressure point to trigger people’s nostalgia, since that was the last real image of Luke Skywalker, not Jake.

    This did nothing but super charge everyone’s nostalgia center, and the longer everyone has to think about it, the sadder they will be, because they are not going to get anything like this again. Because when this Luke walked off that screen, he isn’t coming back. Unless this is an alternate timeline, which people are already dissecting to show that no it is still Disney Trilogy timeline, then next time you see him he’ll be guzzling green titty milk.

    So I’d stop your prancing about and criticizing “haters” and look at the reality of the situation.

    This was a gigantic publicity ploy to make everyone feel good, because so far everyone is saying that this episode was basically crap and boring up until that point. Mando is still the same middling show it always was, and even if Favreau is doing this with love for Star Wars in his heart, he is still spitting into the Tsunami that is still Disney Lucasfilm rising over his head that will eventually consume him and what he’s done to try and make actual Star Wars fans feel good.


    How can you about the theory like that,he just covers stars wars in general. And thats all,the biggest cock sucker is kennedy not the dude like him,most of fans are already crushed after sequel bls. His Vader fan film were nearly taken down by disney lol. He keeps content neutral.  Disney fucked sw big time, i am not denying it either. Not mentioning how Disney treats lower class employees and workers. I dont buy any Disney merchandise. The damage is done and repair cant be done. I know it but just cant trash sw fan like that.



      It was a nice finale.  Great nostalgia.  But I am done with Disney.  Their woke politics extends far beyond Star Wars and I will not support it.  It is an agenda to take down America from within and only idiots support this company in any way, shape, or form.  From BLM to fake news ABC, make no mistake, it is Disney behind the agenda and none of it is good for America.



      Did you find Mandalorian woke? Can snowflakes be even a moment without crying and REEEing


      I liked this finale and I think The Mandalorian as a whole is the best thing to come out of Disney’s Star Wars (which isn’t saying much). But then again, it isn’t phenomenal. It’s just okay. Which at this point is good enough. But we should never have gotten to this point. We shouldn’t have to settle for “just okay”. Hopefully Disney gets their act together (they won’t, but I can dream) and make Star Wars great again


      First off, thank you. Your longwinded response proves my point exactly.

      Who said Star Wars was saved? Not me. Must be confusing me with someone else. I’m just a guy that enjoys good Star Wars. And the Mandalorian so far has been really good.

      If you were an actual continuity nerd rather than a Legends one that no one has to follow anymore, you would remember that in TLJ, Luke’s robotic hand still has the blast mark on it. Therefore, he presumably never got it fixed, so it actually makes sense for the glove in Disney canon. Not sure why he wouldn’t have fixed it, but that’s canon. Maybe it reminded him of his father or something.

      I pity anyone who can see the real Luke on screen again and not feel anything. I wish you could have, it was such an amazing moment to so many. It really is sad what Disney did to so many fans.


        Not cool dude, this is low even for you


          Correct, next year instead of Mando season 3 we’re getting Boba Fett

          Maybe Mando’ll appear in a few episodes there

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