The massive backlash on the official SW Youtube channel is great. Keep it up.

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    I love seeing all the downvotes and backlash on the Star Wars Youtube channel.  Keep the pressure on, people.  I think we’re finally starting to get under their skin.


    they’ll hide the likes/dislikes ratio soon


      It’s a beautiful thing



        I’ve known of the backlash they were getting, but hadn’t really looked too much into it myself.

        I just took a peek at the likes/dislikes and the comments on the latest video, the one about Bad Batch, Sithmas, and etc.

        Lol. Very well deserved.

        On top of the backlash, the video itself is… painful to watch or listen to. That woman has some real “I’m only enthusiastic about this because I’m paid to be” energy to her.


        Don’t you find it ironic how they will listen to the fake world of twitter, but then ignore the real world fans.


        It is like they can no longer differentiate between make-believe and reality.  Fiction from Fact.  Activists and Paying customers.


        They are Hacktavists.
        In their world you are either with them or the enemy.


        To paraphrase: Only the Sith deals in absolutes.


        make sure you down vote newer videos and other social media if able the star wars twitter is full of people quoting Gina and hashtagging #CancelDisneyplus facebook as well all media all the time!! fuck disney


        the comments… wow

        faith in humanity restored? :o


        Well I still found some comments under the newest video that claimed it was still just a vocal minority. There are still some desillusional people that think the majority ist happy with the direction Star Wars is heading. Wake up, people, wake up…

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        I saw that video last night and noticed all the comments that were just quoting Gina Carana, thus leading to my comment “I sense a great disturbance, like a thousand fans all calling out with the same comment.”


        Disney / Lucasfilm deserves the backlash they are having for their hipocrisy.

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