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    Hello, Geeks and Gamers.

    I’m Whiskerking aka Palpatine also known as the lead creative director for Bayonet & Ricochet.

    Bayonet & Ricochet is a tabletop wargame company that has two IP’s in the works, that prides itself on not only perfection with our miniatures, but with our storytelling.  You can check out the first IP we have in development here.

    During my time as a youth, I spent the majority of it reading everything I could.  I naturally dislike people, and I naturally dislike the narcissistic central writing of most lefties, SJW, Woke, sociopaths.  I’ve disliked reading stories written by lefties as a kid and I dislike them a lot more now that I deeply understand, history, symbolism, psychology, social dynamics and prose, as an adult.

    Am I the best writer no.. I have yet to finish and publish my gamebooks, but I know good writing when I see it.  I primarily work from home and spend a lot of time needing a distraction of a video, or audiobook while I’m working to remain focused and productive.

    What is this list about?  It’s a master list of Science Fiction books that don’t suck, compiled by people like myself and hopefully you wonderful people as I hope that you will add to the list, which I shall update over time.

    What prompted the creation of this list? Well, I just finished John Scalzi’s Old man’s War after hearing about it for years as the pinnacle of hard sci-fi and hated the entire fucking thing, the entire thing is worse than an early low-budget 90’s movie.   It wasn’t until the end that you really get the agenda of the hard leftist vibe, which basically is creepy Biden levels of sniffery.  When the main character meets his reincarnated special forces dead wife is actually only a minor or artificially grown human who is like three years old. Who he instantly tries to hook up with..  yeah not an anime apparently the “Gold Standard” of Science Fiction.  I call bullshit.

    Every second of reading the book or in my case listening via audiobook is a pain in the ass to get through. So it Pissed me off that tripe passes as good reading material.  It pisses me off that It takes me a week to vet a book only to find it riddled with far-leftist symbolism, or the writer is not learned in history, conflicts, war, politics, idealogy, or social dynamics.  Scalzi is a socialist first and writer second and it shows in the book.

    So I am asking for your help to create a MASTER LIST of NONE CRAP, NONE WOKE SCIENCE FICTION.  I’ll review the book and add to the list.

    How this is going to work is you PM send a tell, directly message me or whatever and I’ll update the list after reviewing the book and reading a copy of it if I am able to do so.

    Because last I checked there wasn’t an editing feature don’t list a book you want here in the post.    I’ll have to REPOST the list every time until the editing feature is added to the forums.  This will ensure the Master List is vetted and peerless.  I plan to make this the MICHILLEN STAR of Science Fiction recommendations. So you don’t have to do any leg work yourself.  I’ll do my best to break down each book as quickly as succinctly as possible into a five-star rating system and explain why. The list isn’t put in any order of BEST to WORST..  it’s simply a list of books that contain very little to no modern political themes.


    1. Enders Game -Orson Scott Card *****(Five Stars) – Part of the Ender Saga,  A unique coming-of-age story about a boy playing wargames, during the peacetime of a galactic war. It’s a decent read, with a compelling central character, and layers of manipulation, psychology and human nature that play well with the themes.

    2. Call to Arms by Joshua Dalzelle ****(Four Stars) Book two of the Black Fleet Trilogy One of the Best Trilogies I’ve ever read about Fleet combat in space, the Black fleet serries is unequalled in the way it describes space fleet combat.  Joshua Dalzelle is a master writer of war in space.  The way the emotional state of the crew and main character are portrayed they wait for combat to begin in the vast distances of space is what really sold me on this series.  The Black Fleet Trilogy is one of the best recent series ever written.. It’s not the best SCI-FI of all time. But it’s good, has no modern politics, and gets right the story in a good way.  In Fact, all of Joshua Dalzelle’s books are good.

    3. Secret of the Phoenix ***(Three Stars) Stars Book #6 of  Omega Force Series.   Again Joshua Dalzella in the height of his writing.  This book is the 6th book in the Omega Force series, a book about a group of space mercenaries, getting shit done in the galaxy.  Albeit a bit juvenile, the whole series is nothing but fun, and great for a younger audience, so something you might want to give your nephew or kids for Christmas.   It’s decent sci-fi with passable characters, passable suspension of disbelief and enjoyable.  No modern politics of any kind anywhere to be found.

    4.  Capital Starship  Scott Bartlett *(One Star)  Of the Ixan Legacy Serries.  Scott Barlett’s book here is an outlier in the list and normally wouldn’t be in a list about books not featuring modern politics, in fact the entire book is about modern Politics with a space opera tacked on. However, it is Anti-SJW anti-Woke and uses modern politics to educate on the dangers of it in a compelling way.  Scott Barlett has a series of good science fiction novels that don’t always focus on politics this seems to be the only book out of the series, and the rest of the tie-in serries he does write seem to be mostly just military sci fi.  The reason I add these serries to the list is that well it’s actually very good military sci-fi despite this one book and I do recommend reading it this author writing.  It also currently has a boxed set bundle on audible for both the Ixan Legacy Serries and the Fleet Opps so it’s a good chance to get a bunch of audiobooks on the cheap with a credit you get monthly from Audible so worth picking up if you like audio books

    5. Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy- Douglas Adams ***(Three Stars)  Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy is a cult classic that originally started out as a radio broadcast, later written into a book.  I love this book series.  What’s also great about this book serries it centers around English expectations clashing with the galactic community at large. It’s a silly book that’s a ridiculously good read.  And I highly recommend reading every book in the series.  It doesn’t really go deep into politics, but the expectations of a proper Englishmen bouncing around the universe with a clinically depressed robot, and his best friend Ford.


    To Be Continued.


    Remember if you want to add to the list of books without politics send a message and I’ll Update the List after reading the book.  This way the posts stay clutter-free as much as possible and people can easily pick out books to read.

















    You’re making a big mistake here. It’s the reverse mistake of this schmuck right’chere:

    (c.f. my comment there if it’s still up. It will be REAL apparent which is mine.)

    How can I tell you’re making a mistake with such a short list? Easy: DUNE isn’t on it. No Kim Stanley Robinson, Brin, no Stephenson, no JSA Corey, no Ann Leckie, no Scalzi, no Liu, no Banks.

    Wait, wait, those are a bunch of stinking woke wankers! Well yeah, they ARE woke wankers. Now. After the diamond squeezing process of living up their own ass in our sick culture for 20 years. They weren’t before though. They were just liberals back in the day before SciFi died of terminal wokism. Small-l liberals, concerned with and looking to fix corrupt hierarchies. Just like Star Wars. Just like Star Trek. Just like most of science fiction & genre film.

    Dune is EXTREMELY liberal. It’s not the least bit woke. If Dune ; is woke Ender’s Game ; is fascist. Get it now? Neither is true, but both are equally fair judgements. There are a LOT of Yes Liberal/No Woke books that should be on your list. That or you need to edit the criteria heavily.

    p.s. Dennis Taylor fits your original criteria though.

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