The more they push, the more I question

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      I am distrustful by nature of things foisted upon me.

      So the harder this vaccine is pushed and the more haste they try to instill the more I question their motives.

      And now you have Australia and France doing some very draconian things. And I am sure that will spread to the US and UK.

      Where does it stop? And when does the true motive get brought to light?


      Among other things, it seems to be much ado about very little. Covid has never been the doomsday killing machine we were sold it was. We know people in nursing homes need protection from it, and some people with other health condition are wise to be cautious, but by and large most people aren’t in any great danger from it. All these restrictions and mandates are looking more and more like overreactions.

      It’s no longer about the bug, but something else. The Great Reset, manipulation and control, churches closing while other gatherings are considered acceptable, social media restrictions one certain kinds of speech, travel restrictions, voter fraud and a stolen election, “peaceful protests” that are ruining whole cities, all of that and more points to something bigger.

      Perhaps the vaxes are completely ok, though I have my doubts about that, but the fact that people in power are so adamant about trying to force people to get it and penalizing those who don’t is enough to raise the eyebrows.


        I think they are probably OK in that they are designed to prevent a virus. I really don’t believe they have a nefarious purpose outside of just raking in billions (maybe trillions?) for big pharma. But that right there is probably the reason they want to push as many people as possible to get it.

        The haste is what REALLY worries me. It’s as if they want as many people to get it as quickly as possible before we figure something out. What is that something? That they transferred billions to big pharma? That the vaccine really does little or nothing? Why?

        I mean has anyone ever seen government (in any country) move so quickly and in such a unified matter to do anything? Outside of giving themselves raises it seems just to fill a pothole take months of debate. So it is really hard to imagine these people doing anything but what they tend to always do, serve themselves.


        The prior admin in the US wanted better controls on the cost of drugs (which big pharma was against).  This is their big reward = billions upon billions in a drug they are EXEMPT from liabilities from.

        I, for one, and sick and tired of the fear mongering by the “experts”, the politicians, the medical community, and the media.

        The more you push, the more I push back.

        And those “in-charge” love all the extra attention they are getting, and how they LOVE the power the hold over people.

        It is like a drug to them… Power!  Influence!  Control!

        Those who do not want to give up that power, are the ones wanting to put additional restrictions and more lockdowns into place.

        They want lemmings/useful idiots to obey their every thought and wim… a tyrant.

        Just like in the move “They Live”: “Stay Asleep”, “No Imagination”, “Submit to Authority”, “OBEY”, “CONFORM”, “MARRY AND REPRODUCE”, “CONSUME”, “WATCH TELEVISION” and “SLEEP”.

        That is what they want @Vknid


        Australian here, in NSW they’re going to have military checkpoints all over the place, and recently there has been a microriot where angry Sydneysiders attacked the police, I don’t like this situation one bit, but I hope that maybe this experience will wake more people up to the evils of nannystatism and socialist politicians, eventually leading to a change in our culture for the better, it would be even harder here than it is in the US, as we have no mainstream conservative party in Australia, we have one big Democrat party split into the Liberal and Labor parties, with the first being the big business shills, whilst the other has more of an emphasis on welfare, but ultimately are just shitty Democrats with Australian accents, the sooner we realise this the better.



          Praying for you guys over there. Your government has turned full on tyrannical on you.



          Hope you get this over with. As I’ve said on another topic on here; I feel sorry for Australia at the moment.



            I am not at all shocked. They want people to get this thing so bad that if you don’t question why I think you are not at all paying attention. And it’s not so much that they want people to get the shot it’s that is has to be NOW! Why? What are they hiding? What is it that time will show? Can anyone recall the government moving with such haste and precision on any issue ever?


            Some are using a term “carrot and stick” for the same idea. You get benefits for taking it and hit with a stick if you don’t. How can anyone take this seriously? Do you think the government cares for your health in anyway? How many people cross the border every Year? Hundreds of thousands? It would be EFFORTLESS for an enemy to bring in a bio-weapon. The enemy could just hire cartels or coyotes to transport. So Easy. USA is a sitting duck precisely because of the border situation. This is why it is actually funny when they say you can’t bring in certain pets or creatures, like say if you had a few fish or something. They would call it contraband as they allow thousands of diseased border-crossers and even ship them around the country with consultation fees paid.


            Can anyone recall the government moving with such haste and precision on any issue ever?

            After the Twin Towers were brought down?

            After the bombing of Pearl Harbor?

            If I had to think of it, but then it was a bipartisan voice, and the people for the majority backed the message.

            This is more a tyrant/dictatorship approach they and their propaganda arm (legacy media) is doing.



              I would not compare this with those situations at all. Those were mostly localized efforts that happened in a single location. What we have going on now is a world wide effort of the “free” nations of the world, moving speedily and in unison to force their respective populations to take an experimental vaccine as quickly as possible. And it’s to the point where you are not allowed you question it at all and going against the grain lands you in jail in some places.


                I would Compare it to those actions its a fair comparison. Attacks on the Nation (which this is more and more starting to look like, only on the world by accident or on purpose yet to be determined”

                But a better one IS Hurricane response. As they can effect a large portion of the country. Even in those as we know response is typically slower than we want, but bipartisan as a rule and everyone wanted to help an WANT ANSWERS why any delays!

                This is an has been all political and no one wanting the truth of was this man made! Well no one in politics anyway, the people do! This has also divided the nation, those other events United the Nation behind a common goal or wrath.

                Is it any wonder half the Nation does not trust the Politicians or Media? Starting to see people around the world now standing up against tyrannical actions by what was thought to be “free countries”…. the disease is worse than the cure, the disease is not the China Virus, but power-hungry politicians!


                  I am sorry I disagree with the comparison part. While those things had worldwide implications politically they did not really directly affect the entire world like the pandemic. And they did not cause the governments of the entire free world to move in lockstep and unison almost overnight. Unfortunately in this case it’s against the people.

                  But I agree with the rest.

                  “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.'”
                  –Ronald Reagan

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