The NBA is Unwatchable

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      I was watching the NBA for a bit.  It is now unwatchable.  It is so woke now that it is non-stop.  That Doris Burke woman also is annoying as hell.

      It is unwatchable.

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      I have not been able to watch a full game since M.Jordan retired.

      None of the players are likeable, IMO.

      None of the players today would I even consider buying merch of.


      At least you were not watching the wnba.


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        NBA ratings are terrible.  Averaging under 2 million viewers per game now.

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      It was bad even before BLM. The game is so soft now. I don’t find anything impressive about it now. It used to be good like 15 years ago

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      I was watching the tail end of a game at a Red Robin this past weekend and I couldn’t get into it.  Maybe it’s the fact they have BLM literally taped or painted or whatever the hell on the court that distracted me.  I’m not a sport historian but over the decades we’ve had black players who worked their asses off to get where they did and ended up making names for themselves.  Some of which help their communities even to this day.  Fans shouldn’t care about the color of a player’s skin but their skill at the game and the content of their character.  I thank myself for never getting cable, an internet package is all I need.  Until the NBA and other sports get their act together I refuse to watch if I have to.

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        You should try watching the NHL.

        Those athletes are Professionals.  They are there to do the job they signed a contract to do.

        As for the nba, those activists should put their money towards improving the communities they are “protesting” over.

        How many businesses have they invested in?

        How many lives have they save from b-on-b violence?

        What is that?  NONE?  Why am I not surprised.

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