The NBA Set To Return!

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      Only 22 teams on a limited schedule. I think this will be fun.

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      Is it really coming back?  I hear Kyrie Irving is trying to make a stink of things top stop it.

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      Apparently some players dont want to return because of the political climate. I don’t watch the NBA because it’s soft now. I used to love the NBA.. They used to actually play defense and play physical basketball.. Now its all about shooting 3s.. I don’t care if it ever returns. These guys get way overpaid as is. I’m working on a line for minimum wage. These guys dont want to go play basketball for millions of dollars..

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        AMEN.  I have had my hours cut thanks to COVID so I am with you dude.    Sucks and these whiners don’t want to play.  Baseball is worse.  If they don’t play they lose even more.  I will support gold and nascar until then!


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      I took clippers to win the championship at +250. I feel good about it. Too much hype on the Lakers.

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      I’ll watch, because I love the NBA. However, if players begin to knee, or whatever, then I’ll turn it off. Same goes for the NFL this season.

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      I loved watching basketball. I was a huge Lebron fan. Man, I let him slide on a few issues over the years….but these last few weeks were the nail in the coffin for me. Never thought I’d be saying this, but the hell with it. It’s turned into nothing but a 3 point show anyways. Anyone else annoyed by all the 3 pointers being taken? In 2002 the 3PA were 13.7 per game, now it’s at 33.9. It’s made the game boring as hell if you ask me.

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