The NFL is over

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    The NFL was a great institution for a long time. It resisted many of the things that have torched other leagues like the NBA.

    But now they have taken the poison pills and it’s only a matter of time.

    -Prima Donnas

    We will now witness over time a rapid decline in the league. I am glad my all time favorite player has retired. I will remember the period before all this fondly.


    IT was “over” some time ago.

    All you are seeing is its “death throws”.

    The twitching dead body.


    Saints tickets for 1 dollar? Too much!!

    You’d have to pay me and you could NOT pay me to take the experimental gene therapy needle.




    And this is not just a NFL happening.

    Other leagues/teams are starting to require ALL staff, workers (concessions/security), and all FANS proof of double-jab.

    AND…. those same teams REFUSE to offer refunds too.

    So to alot of people, they now have useless tickets.

    Some are trying to sell them to recoup the cost, others just want to get anything back


    Just imagine how many people will be cancelling their season tickets, and I doubt there is a waiting list long enough to cover the loss of those ticket holders, or the game-day walk-up crowd.

    Only time will tell.






    I stopped watching in 2013 when they took the Ronnie Lott hits out of the game and running backs could not lower their heads—-pussy league and I’m out.

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