The Problem with Modern games like Starfield & Diablo 4

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    The Problem with Starfield and Diablo 4 is Modern Gaming getting worse ? (sorry a long rant lol)
    Am I the only one asking why are modern video games seem to be getting worse, especially when we compare them to games that came out YEARS ago. Starfield VS No Man’s Sky or even Mass Effect. Diablo 4 VS Path Of Exile or even Diablo 2-3.
    There is no reason for massive companies like Blizzard & Bethesda to churn out products like Diablo 4 & Starfield. Diablo 4 is a bit stranger because it started off as a better game that got worse. But many things were always lacking, most notably the Fun factor & power fantasy. Inventory was always a mess that only got worse with Season 1. Then there is the end game, which I covered in previous videos as well. But Starfield is inexcusable. I am glad I played it early before all the geniuses on both sides of the outrage spectrum went full RRRREEEEEEEEEE mode upon full release of the game on Game Pass.

    I knew it was going to happen, because people are stupid all day & every day & love to be outraged. Anyways, Starfield is a MASSIVE game with little to do & is frankly not a great looking game for it’s budget & being a Next Gen Game. No, it’s a passable game with a score of 7/10 from my experience. Exploration is severely limited & I am glad fast travel exists so readily because, you will get bored. It just feels like Fallout but in space. If you’ve ever played games like Mass Effect or No Man’s Sky, you will feel disappointed by the game when you realize that Mass Effect came out over 15 years ago & you can do planetary exploration so much better.

    Then you have a buggy & under developed game that came out in 2016, but was eventually made into a very fun Space Exploration game that you can travel & explore to your hearts content. Sure it launched poorly like Starfield did, but the difference is that it’s an older game & Bethesda could have taken the later development of the game as an example & say “Ok, we have infinitely more money & technology on our hands, let’s give the players a game that will be better than Mass Effect & No Man’s Sky…an independent studio by the way. Instead we got Starefield of NPCs with bland empty worlds you can’t explore. That’s my take on the situation as it is. Thanks for watching.


      Great topic because you see the same thing in many creative spaces, especially those that are outward facing.

      I believe this is due to a few things (in the context of gaming):

      – Years ago most every studio wanted to  make an amazing game and possible make some pretty good profit off it.  Now that many studios are part of conglomerates they don’t care about the quality of the game so much as what it makes.  So even if a great game brings in more, it also takes more and so they are happy with low effort and some moderate profit because they will churn that out quickly relatively speaking.  And if you are thinking, that damned capitalism ruins everything!  You are wrong, large monopolies controlling everything and stomping out competitors while the Gov looks the other way IS NOT capitalism.  And thus is an example of how the lack of capitalism stifles the evolution of everything.

      – Indie game companies operate and do wonderful games that are fun.  They operate on the original motivation of making a bad arse game.  Until someone buys them then it changes as it’s no longer indie and the motive changes.

      – Combine the above with a new wave of woke wingnuts working their way into creative spaces (organically sometimes and sometimes not) where their motive is agenda and to hell with fun or profit and here we have another reason for.  I heard Ethan Van Sciver explain how he and others in comics were pushed out.  He said they were overrun by woke females coming saying it was a man’s world and it was not fair for them to be excluded.  And then of course once there was enough of them they excluded everyone else.  I think this has happened in a number of spaces and I don’t think it is incidental most times because if you control culture you control people.


      The main issue I have with modern video games is the amount of horrible microtransactions that games have (looking at you EA). When I get a game I expect the FULL game on said disc or cartridge like back when we had stuff like the MegaDrive or original PlayStation. Plug in and play. Simples. Regardless of how bad the game was. Now it seems that nearly every game comes with them and most aren’t even worth paying for anyway.

      Another is how horrible NPCs are starting to look especially female characters. An overweight landwhale isn’t a realistic body image for a RPG character especially when said character has to run around a lot. Fair enough if you were playing a life sim game like the Sims were your character is going to spend 90% of the time sitting on their butt but not in a fantasy RPG.


        I am fine with microtransactions if the game is free to play or the cost is very low.  That’s just another way of making money but it must be balanced.  Full priced games with microtransactions are an abomination and a scourge on the gaming landscape.  I actually think this situation is only a thing because now the gaming scene is mostly controlled by mega corps.  And  if you don’t think they work together to make such pricing models possible so they can rake it in I have some oceanfront properly in Arizona to sell you.

        The only thing that is making bad AAA games and abusive pricing a possibility is the lack of choice.   If more companies were out there making games that did not do such things no one would buy the garbage games.  Which again brings us to the NOT capitalism we have going on now where big companies are allowed to stifle competition without fear of consequence from the government.   And this has been going on in tech for sometime as the big companies in that realm work together to curb stomp other companies in front of you and dare you to do anything about it.


        I’ve been exploring the issues with modern games like Starfield and Diablo 4, and while many concerns have been raised, it’s worth considering how a starfield trainer could potentially help address some of these problems. With the availability of tools like this trainer, players can take matters into their own hands to improve aspects of the game that might be lacking, such as fun factor, exploration options, or power fantasy. While it’s essential for developers to deliver high-quality games from the start, these trainers can offer a temporary solution to enhance gameplay while we hope for improvements from game developers.

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          It boils down to what I have said on here a few times (I just said this in another thread).

          Developers care more about keeping you in the game (an over abundance of boring repetitive side activities or collectables and slow long drawn out dialogue conversations) and monetization.

          Developers forgot that a video game is supposed to be fun. There is nothing fun about 6000 collectables and secrets. 25-50 is fine, but they go WAY off the deep end with this stuff now. Jedi Survivor is a prime example of it. It got utterly ridiculous who how many collectables there are. Then there is the 6000 side quests (I am calling your name Starfield). Why so many? I fail to see the point in THIS many side quests. Did Mass Effect need 50 side quests to be a GOOD game? No. It had a few, it had a few collectables and side activities, but nothing that stopped the game from being fun.

          Diablo IV has some of the most slow dialogue I have EVER seen in a video game. People do NOT talk that slow. It was designed that way to keep you in the game, and it drove me nuts playing it.

          This all boils down to devs saying “Hey, look at how HUGE our game is”. “Our game takes 300 hrs to fully complete”. But, they don’t mention that 75% of it is boring, repetitive, full of long drawn out conversations (that you end up just skipping after awhile) and only designed to keep you inside the game. To keep you playing. The fun is sidelined.

          That is the state of the industry now. They spend 100 million to make a “huge” game, but could have saved a lot of that money had they taken out 75% of the collectables and side quests and focused on the story and main characters. They need to stop making you read a novel every time you have a conversation and GET TO THE POINT. Video Games have got away from developers. They are too big, too costly, and far to full of filler and monetization. Video games need to be tightened up and condensed for a more fun, engaging, and productive experience. We don’t need 100+hr games, we need good 40hr games.

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