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      Which club are you part of? 😁

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      Which club are you part of? 😁






        OH, is this the above average Bananas action figure?



        The exaggerated swagger of an Englishman setting out to conquer one-third of the world:

        I can’t get enough of this meme.


        The Babylon Bee

        Exclusive Scene From The Rings Of Power
        Sep 1, 2022 In this exclusive scene from an upcoming episode of Amazon’s new Lord of the Rings (?) show, Klovbar of Numenor is ready to face orcs, trolls, and oliphaunts – but is he ready to face the racism inside his heart?







          Never seen something like this before.



            Definitely NOT on the same level as the Indiana Jones Theme.  Not iconic at all.

             It’s widely believed that Indiana Jones 5 will be Ford’s last time playing the iconic hero–perhaps even his final movie altogether–and that the sequel will see Waller-Bridge’s Helena take up the mantle.

            Personally, I would rather have more Lora Croft’s adventures than a gender swapping Indy character.


            Found this monologue to be an excellent insight into woke psychology. It’s kind of slow, but I enjoyed the listen. Solid script read. I despise Bill Maher, but narrator goes more into the critics themselves.


            “Top Gun Maverick” is the movie to beat this year, and DC’s Black Adam, Marvel’s Black Panther and Disney’s Avatar 2 are the only ones that even has a chance at doing it, and it’s doubtful even that they can.
            Because everyone Top Gun Maverick, even the critics – And had Bill Maher up in arms! In a nutshell, his issue was that the very same critics who will always shame any woke and virtue signalling movie for not being woke enough, somehow gave the anti-woke Top Gun Maverick a pass? What gives?
            Well, the good Mister Maher certainly missed the boat on this one, and now he does in a sense, knowingly or unwittingly, assist in rewriting history and hiding the backlash that did happen – but it just so happens that might have have some larger implications, as critics have to come to term with wokeness losing hround.
            In this editorial, @AndreEinherjar will begin with some past and current examples of the divide between audiences and critics, what the critics actually said about Top Gun Maverick upon release before changing their tune, how this changed tune is the only thing Maher saw, and the larger implications of it.



          Viewing 15 posts - 136 through 150 (of 162 total)
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