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      goku anidb 1 goku anidb 2

      Poor Goku 😂😂😂

      (I shouldn’t be laughing, if i were an anime character i’d be in the same category 🤣)


      @DigiCat I actually think of Goku as something like an idiot savant – The man does possess a reasonable IQ (arguably even genius levels) but he’s somehow only able to apply it to martial arts and comes up short in every other aspect of life (mostly due to his lack of experience in other fields; remember, he was basically raised as a country-bumpkin, after all). It’s so easy to misconstrue it as just him dumb as a bag of rocks at a surface-level glance, part of what makes him a fun character, in my opinion.





      You tell me.


      RIP Dominic Santiago

      Father, Husband, Brother.

      Man, all these years later and his death still strikes a chord.


      Little bit of context for those who never played the Gears of War trilogy:

      Loved reading the Gears of War novels alongside the games. Some of the best tie-ins which really deepened the story.


      “We’ll settle this another time, Fenix!”

      Translation: I’d best get out of here asap before Marcus Fenix rips out my spine and beats me to death with it.


      Also, Gears of War is probably why I have such a bad potty mouth.



    Viewing 15 posts - 121 through 135 (of 164 total)
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