BIG RUMOR: The Red Button Option

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    This post by WDW Pro on the WDWMagic forums shows a rumor about what’s going on inside Disney:

    At this point, it is only a rumor, and should only be taken as such. Here’s the rundown of this rumor:

    – Disney is looking at potentially closing Walt Disney World to rising COVID-19 cases in Florida

    – Disney has supposedly asked certain people within the company to delete their Twitter accounts after the hack, out of fear they may have information about the company in their DM’s

    – Supposedly some members of the Chinese Communist Party work at Shanghai Disneyland management, and after the Trump administration’s executive order about Hong Kong, the “Red Button Option” could lead to Disney selling all interests in their Hong Kong and Shanghai parks

    Again, this is only a rumor. But what do you all think about this?


    The china rumor wouldn’t surprise me one bit. I can easily see the Chinese parks going same route as Tokyo’s DL where Tokyo DL is own by Oriental Trading Company that Disney license out to.


    Honestly the Chinese one doesn’t surprise me, especially with the recent Mulan filming location being leaked.


    Everything else, meh. The Twitter one wouldn’t surprise me either, but that’s basically what any big company would probably do anyway so it doesn’t bother me.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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