The secret agreement in diversity hires

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      I was thinking today why people would participate in being a diversity hire and why companies and the goverment would want this.

      There are people out there who want to accomplish things on their own merit and ONLY their merit.  I read a very long YouTube comment recently on a video on this topic.  It was a woman in the military whom was up for a promotion she ended up getting.  She found out a close friend whom was male was also up for this pay promotion and did not get it.  She explained how she realized she was promoted because she was a woman as she knew he was more qualified all around in experience, accomplishment and how he performed at his job.  She mentioned not attending the promotion ceremony out of guilt.

      So we know this stuff goes on daily.  People being hired or preferred due to their race, sex or orientation.  Which is insane to me but there you have it.  And this has been going on for a long time.  I have experienced this personally where a job I was after maybe some 25 years ago I did not get.  I was flat out told at the time I was the wrong color.

      So why do companies/governments want this and why would people accept it?

      Well ultimately I think people will take a job that is paid well even not based on merit because life is tough.  So maybe they feel guilty about it but do it anyway or they consider themselves a victim and they think they deserve it.

      I think companies do this shenanigans for the ESG score mostly.

      But the goverment does such things for another reason (I think this applies to companies as well sometimes).

      If you get a job that you straight up know you got preferential treatment for due to race, sex or whatever I think people understand that they might not be fully qualified and or that there are others out there whom are ready to take it who might be far more qualified.

      I think this creates an understood allegiance. So when your employer (company or goverment) asks you to do something that you might consider immoral, shady or antithetical to your purpose you do it because you feel obliged.  You would be under pressure for such a request because you did not earn the job it was given to you and are not sure you would be given another if fired.

      The flipside of that I guess if you are diversity hired and you are 100% on that bandwagon you would be all about it and when asked to do something for the agenda you are happy to do so.

      In either case it builds an army of people willing to work for and do whatever asked either because they are all about the goals or they feel they are under the gun.

      I think this is how large companies and governments now have their ranks filled with legions of people willing to do whatever asked as it relates to furthering the woke agenda.



      A couple of weeks ago at my college graduation ceremony, one of the student speakers mentioned that part of the reason he got a high quality internship was because he was black. I thought he was poking fun at this notion of diversity hires and was kind of surprised the college would let him say this considering that colleges basically do the same thing with affirmative action.


      Or, you are hired not because you can do the job, but because the company can check off a box.

      Now if that person can actually do the job is a bonus, but I think alot more and more of these positions is just for the score/not being targeted by the alphabet mofia.


      People who are deadweight to the company, and it is worse if the employees belong to a union – then it is near impossible to fire these unproductive employees.


        “Or, you are hired not because you can do the job, but because the company can check off a box.”

        Well that was part of my point.  I think now you have many companies (many parts of goverment for sure) that are so chocked full of people whom cannot perform it handicaps them.  Look at Marvel or large swaths of Hollywood for example.  They have bought into that so hard and they are now such a cult in their own right that there is no one left with either any talent or fresh ideas.  So their output (and sales) are garbage.

        One might wonder, how do they stay in business?  ESG score.  If you do the bidding of your WEF masters you get loans and investments.  Now that is sustainable in the short term but without customers I am not sure if that can survive long.  I am not saying it cannot I just don’t know.

        Twitter is a perfect example of this in motion.  Twitter, severely bloated and all but setting money on fire, itself was in the red for goodness knows how long but it appeared to stay buoyed from “investors” because they censored whom they were instructed to and played the propaganda game.  Twitter was there best propaganda weapon at the time because they could make any opinion, policy or situation look as positive or as negative as they wanted.  When Musk took it over it had to actually become profitable because that magic money went away.

        And you should ask yourself, why would Twitter employ so many that were not needed, seemed to be overpaid and most assuredly over indulged.  For the same exact reason I made this thread, because of the secret loyalty.  So you are fresh out of college, maybe you are a leftist tool maybe not, and you now have a large income at a company where you barely work and get free food, wine and all sorts of lavish shenanigans.  So when your boss tells you that you need to censor X off the platform, and you know that is not right or you disagree with it maybe, you do it because you know/fear that you probably won’t be able to find such a job again or anytime soon.

        Between the diversity nonsense, overpaying and adorning people with extras they are all but purchasing loyalty so that companies are full of people that either are activists anyway or are afraid to speak up or not do what the mobs wants for fear of losing a good thing they could quite possibly not be able to duplicate.


        The problem with this strategy is that many potentially good hires stop trying because they realize the game is rigged. This consequently leads to a fall in productivity because you have square pegs in round holes.

        The funny thing is when the sh!t hits the fan those in charge will try to blame everyone else for their organization’s failure instead of their hiring practices.

        And therein lies the opportunity: start your own business. It’s riskier yes, but the rewards are much greater…

        …and when the mammoth’s fail, you’ll be there to pick up the slack.

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