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    Wasn’t sure where to put this as The Sims can also be a console game as well but I thought I’d put it here as there seems to be more you can do with the desktop version than on the console versions.

    So…anyone play the Sims on here? If so what packs/expansion packs have you got? I’ve got Realm of Magic and Seasons expansion packs and I recently got the Paranormal pack. This evening, I FINALLY learned how to turn a house into a haunted house with the Paranormal pack lol. Those ghosts are so cute lol! The only downside was the creepy doll…Oh EA; WHY did you have to have a creepy doll in it???


    I’ve got Sims 4 with Get to Work, Vampires, and Backyard Stuff.


    I was a big sims player when I was a kid, I loved to build huge houses and I also enjoyed the adventure of starting from zero in a small place jobless and grow.

    I have the new sims 4 but it’s very different from the old ones. I don’t like all the money grab stuff by EA.  So many expansions and they’re not cheap at all. So I deleted the game, but once in a while I install it and play for 3 days, then delete it again lol.



    Yeah, I didn’t like the look of that Star Wars pack either. They should’ve released the Paranormal Pack in October than that. If they wanted to do a Star Wars pack they should’ve released it before the Force Awakens.


    I used to play Sims 2 obsessively but now I can’t because Windows 10 has problems just getting the game to work….I ended up playing Fallout 4 instead


    @Megazord_Jeremy, if you have an old laptop, set it up with Windows XP, all old games should work on that no problem


    I want to start playing Sims 4, how does it work with all the expansion packs? Do I have to change disc every time I want to play a different pack??



    You have to buy the base game first and then the expansion/stuff packs that you want. I advise you to get the expansion packs when they have a sale on as they can be pretty expensive (£30 odd here in the UK). The stuff packs aren’t too bad price wise though. I recently got the ‘Get Famous’ expansion pack on a sale as it looked interesting when I was watching a YouTube vid and the YouTuber who was doing it was explaining what was in it. I also got the ‘Vintage’ stuff pack during the same sale as well as I had been looking at that for some time.



    Yeah, with my budget i only ever buy games on sale or second hand 😂

    But to play the actual game, do i need to keep using the expantion pack disc once it’s installed, or does everything get saved on the base game?



    Not sure about the disc thing since I downloaded my one from the EA website and had to install Origin player on my laptop. I’m guessing that it might be the same or slightly different?


    I need to play this game. I never have :O


    @Krista Novva

    I have to warn you it can be quite addictive, especially when you first start playing it and you’re creating a Sim and building a house which can take a while to do😂. Before you know it, an hour has gone by😂. It’s best to get it on the desktop though. The console versions aren’t too bad (I’ve got ‘The Sims 2’ on PS2, ‘The Sims 3’ on the 3DS and ‘The Sims 4’ on PS4 and desktop) but I think the best out of the console versions is the PS4.

    The good thing about the desktop version is that I can create a magic Sim (after getting the ‘Realm of Magic’ expansion pack) and I can finally be a witch😂. A good witch mind you but with a bit of mischief attached to them as it’s fun (thanks Loki😂)😈.

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