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    Will the Snyder cut be good or bad?


    Yes, it will be.

    It will feel cohesive, and set up a true DCUniverse.

    Steppenwolf will not be a comical looking buffoon.

    Having Wonder Woman not think twice before facing “doomsday”, but her reaction to seeing that darkseid mural… priceless!


    It will properly show why the Justice League needed to form.


    Can’t wait till it is available on DVD.


      Don’t know what it’ll be like, but i can’t wait to find out 😸


      It will definitely be better than the shitty Whedon version.


        So is this a remake or new cut of Batman vs Superman or is it Justice League? Both movies sucked for different reasons. I think the pacing was way too slow in Batman vs Superman and I didn’t like Jesse Eisenberg in it at all. He’s a good actor but its a bad fit. Justice League just had too many superheros in it. They need to focus it on only a couple. I dont really like Flash and Cyborg.. At least these versions of them.


        It’s Snyder’s cut of the Justice League movie and is said to be much better and more like what fans wanted.


        So much of what Snyder filmed was cut from the theatrical cut.

        I think they said something like 40% of the theatrical cut was shot be Wheldon, and completely changed the movie’s tone, focus, etc..

        Synder’s vision had included ways to incorporate a GL Corp film, IIRC, an expanded story-arc for Cyborg, a better understanding of the dream sequence of Darkseid, and of course, from the trailer, Diana discovering ancient stories about Darkseid.


        So if the theatrical release was 120 minutes – less 40% = 72 minutes of Synder.

        Synder cut is reported as being 214 minutes.  That is almost 2-1/3 hours of story we have never seen.


        1) It can’t possibly be worse than the theatrical version.

        2) Even if it does suck, I’m still glad it’s happening.


        And as much as the Marxist media wants us to accept their crap and gladly give them our hard earned money, it is always nice to see companies wanted to please their customers (fans) whom wants to give them our money for good, quality products.


        Just look at movies like Alita: Battle Angel, to Sonic the Hedgehog.

        Afterall, a for-profit business is in business to MAKE MONEY!

        Oh, what a shocking concept!

        One the SJW’s/marxist media do not understand.

      Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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