The Star Wars Shit show.

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    The official Star Wars Twitter is now attacking fans for pointing out the the racism of one of there employee’s… after they stayed silent as Giana Carono got harassed. No screen shots, just take my word for it. There will be 6 YouTube videos about it by tomorrow. And good thing too because as its because of them Mandalorian even got made. Kathleen and friends are crap. Igar needs to accerate her termination and buy her out of the rest of her contract or something.


    2 of the high republic authors/ writers hate white people, suppose by today’s standards its ok , oh and males, if you are a man you are the devil

    i don’t know how or when the higher up star wars folk are gonna get the hint nobody wants sjw/ woke bullshit

    if the material and writing is good it doesn’t matter what race or gender someone is, good stories and good characters lift and appeal, not adding in someone because its some kinda statement of trying to be fresh or edgy, and a few bots/ cowards on Twitter does not speak for the majority of fans at all

    but yeah get Kennedy and her arrogant staff with her out, then you can have some hope as a whole but if she is still there this won’t go away

    funny how none of the 2 white haters never called out why john boyega was made smaller on the Chinese poster for the rise of skywalker, oh that’s right because they are paid off shills


    i don’t know how or when the higher up star wars folk are gonna get the hint nobody wants sjw/ woke bullshit


    The flaw in your logic is that you are using LOGIC. These people do not operate with normal brain or patterns of thought.







    That is what permeates their minds. It’s not about whether or not people want it or even like it. It’s all about the fact they think they are in the right, and they have to teach the lesser serfs and lower life forms the correct way to think and behave. We are all savages because we have free thought and do not judge people by race, creed, gender, or sexuality. We MUST be educated that we have to judge EVERYONE with surface criteria, ie. what they look like or who they fuck, because that is how we are all to be organized and herded.

    You cannot expect people who are ideological zealots to listen to reason, let alone think reasonably. They do not care if they lose money, because the MESSAGE is all that matters to them.

    This is why it is important to nurture independent creators who are actually offering traditional escapism to the masses…

    Shameless self promotion: Calling my fellow Novelists…We need our own Comicsgate


    if the Mandalorian didn’t come out and the clone wars tv show, it would be dead in the water

    George Lucas not going to the rise of skywalker premier but goes to the Mandalorian film set speaks volumes about everything


    Star Wars could be so good if the people working on Star Wars would focus on Star Wars


    I feel bad for John Favreau and Dave Filoni they are great at their jobs and are super into making sure the fans get what they want from their products. And then we have KK and her cronies who are just tearing it down, and I can’t believe Disney is backing her racists comments. What can we do to fight back?


    What can we do to fight back?


    These degenerates may not care about making money, buy Disney shareholders do.

    Very simple. Speak with your wallet. Don’t subscribe to Disney+. Don’t buy Disney products. Good old fashioned boycott to make sure Disney doesn’t get any money directly.

    I mean, I’m in the process of replacing my old Star Wars books that got lost over the years thanks moves and other circumstances outside my control at the time. I basically need to replace the first 7 books (I still have Champions of the Force) and Dark Empire, and I’m trying to do it without getting anything that has the insulting Legends tag on the cover. Which means what I’m buying was not produced by Disney or Lucasfilm. Last week I got lucky and got an original hardcover of Courtship of Princess Leia through Amazon for a great price, but it was from an actual bookstore, so my money went to an actual small business…to some extent.

    My point is, boycotting is the only thing we can always do as regular people.


    That is why I can’t wait for the TRUE star wars to retcon the disney KK sh!t into a black hole.


    Then we can  get the TRUE sequel episodes VII, VIII, IX.


    Ya I don’t plan on buying anything from them anymore. I hope they get alot of flack for this bs.


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Its ridiculous. But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t entertained by the whole shit show.  They have an agenda and it’s pathetic</p>


    Charles Soul as well. He had to collaborate with these jerks and since its a collaboration his work suffers alongside the rest of High Republic content. He can’t speak out or he will lose his job, or he just silently agrees. Who knows what it is, either way it hurts him even if he doesn’t do anything.


    Why has Disney not reviewed Kathleen Kennedy’s contract. Surely, Bob Iger wants to make money. A happy fan base will surely boost morale and bring in the money. Does George Lucas care about his legacy? Has he been vocal about any of this?


    Krazy KK was on the chopping block till the Mando happened and the fans actually responded well.
    Now she seems to be completely untouchable regardless of the fact she had nothing to do with the show other than holding the ‘president’ slot of the company.

    Igor needed to fire her years ago but thaty bitch cant be seen firing a ‘powerful’ whaman who clearly has dirt on all of Hollyweird for her time as the corportate secratary.

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