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    Watched it.


    A nice 2 hours to check out your brain with. Laughed a few times.

    But I don’t really care about the DCEU, so I’m not invested enough to really care beyond a single watch.

    Hell, I don’t even care enough to review it, because I didn’t really love it, but there was nothing to really hate about it, so break even I guess.

    You want a night’s entertainment that doesn’t make you think, go watch it. That’s about what this movie is good for.


    It’s obvious that at the moment anything that is decent will be super hyped because unfortunately in these recent years we got used to watch total garbage… so yeah, this movie is not bad at all. But because of the huge movies quality drop in these years, people overreact to movies slightly well done.

    The movie is fun, started very very well… then it slows down a bit… some “wtf” scenes… and then a decent ending. It’s cool.

    Small Spoilers:

    I don’t understand why any harley quinn scene gotta be a mtv music video. She had a few completely useless scenes… but i got it, she’s the “star” and has that “Cruela syndrome” former villain now loved by everyone…


    The Milton joke was milked way too much. This kind of joke usually just needs to be said one time and with a few seconds duration, it’s funny and done, move to the next one. It felt like a comedian telling a joke and then explaining it during the next 2 minutes…


    The Fighting scenes are extremely bad… I don’t wanna sound like a douche, but I watch a lot of martial arts movies… bruce lee, jet li, jason statham, tony jaa, donny yen, you name it, i watched it. So it’s a little uncomfortable for me to watch such bad fighting “choreography”. Maybe it’s Cena that can’t turn off the wwe mode, but fuck, that was bad.


    Near the end that scene where a poc woman knocks out Waller (also poc lol) and tells the white dude to move “you fucking dickead” and he replies: “yes m’am”. Not only it was cringy and unnecessary, it was also racist af (by their new standards anyway). Clearly a scene to make the mob happy.


    Positive: Idris Elba is an amazing actor, made the movie.
    The Shark was very cool. Great character.
    The production was good, Great CGI…
    Viola Davis was great as well… Cena was, surprisingly, not bad (with exception for the fighting scenes lol).
    As a Portuguese, I liked the Portuguese girl and her story :D


    The movie feels like a 8/10, but in reality is a 6/10. We’re just used to much worse movies than this. ;D


    Good comments. Sounds like Harley Quinn scenes were kind of dream sequences and a look into the mind of a psychopath and schizophrenic or whatever she is. Very girly, but crazy girl. Glad I skipped it.

    Those fight scenes must have been really bad because I actually like cheesy fight scenes in old movies. I like the motion and the movement of it, even if it’s badly done or choreographed or fake. It’s part of the fantasy, so if the fight scenes in the movie were bad, it must be exceptionally bad. Too bad, because Cena still has that pop. Physically, he looks imposing and striking.

    The movie I am curious about is Free Guy because it’s in a video game and this site is for Gamers. Ryan Reynolds is an NPC who becomes self-aware and wants to become a hero before they end the game. After Ready Player One and The Last Starfighter, I am curious about movies that involve video games.


    I think one other good thing to say about the whole atmosphere surrounding this movie, is that at least so far concerning those who are not praising it and are criticizing it…James Gunn, love him or hate him, is not dumping on fans. He’s just letting it go and moving on to his next project, at least as far as I’ve seen. I could have missed something, but I haven’t seen an article or video about James Gunn attacking fans.

    So in a world where these so called creatives like to attack people who aren’t worshiping at their alter for whatever drek they are putting out, it’s nice enough to not get attacked if you don’t love something.


    Suicide Squad BOMBS The Box Office – Has DC Comics Destroyed Their Brand?

    Jon Del Arroz


    @comicsgate, about the movie Free Guy, I hope I’m wrong but I have the feeling is going to be woke af, just like Deadpool 2 and Season 3 of Stranger Things. The cast and the trailers have plenty of red flags lol A bunch of emasculated guys, strong woman power… Humm I dunno… lets see.

    After that last deadpool, i don’t trust ryan lol


    @Hazu Good point about the last Deadpool. After that one, I swore I’d never watch another Deadpool movie. Taika Waititi will keep me away as well, since he is like “virtue-signal: the person.” Everything out of his mouth is cringe. Your comment is funny because Taika Waititi is the same as the kids from Stranger Things. You mentioned Stranger Things and it’s one of those things with me that if they are in something, I avoid it, including the new Kong v Godzilla and the new Ghostbusters that is coming out. It’s like all movies are revolving around the sickly eyesore cast of Stranger Things these day. If they are in, I am out.

    ‘Free Guy’ Review: Ryan Reynolds Stars in a Video Game Version of ‘The Truman Show’ That Plays Itself

    One of the articles mentioned it being like Jumanji.


      Watched it yesterday.

      It was FAR better than the first movie. And, the thing I enjoyed most was that they finally got Harley Quinn right. Not just her, but her looks and clothing. It is a bout bloody time!! Imo the previous movies did not get her look right, and her personality was all over the place. This movie did HQ right.

      It is disappointing that it is not doing well in theatres. But, I think people just don’t want to go since the previous movie was bad. I also think that torrenting has something to do with it…




      The Suicide Squad Movie LOSES 100 Million & Hollywood Blames Americans!



        The Suicide Squad Movie LOSES 100 Million & Hollywood Blames Americans!

        So you’re gonna blame the people who don’t get the vax for putting your theater out of business after you (or the state) banned them from entering your theater, are you sure you’re placing the blame in the right place??

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        If they can place the blame on anyone but themselves, then YES, any and all are to BLAME!  (for their mistakes).


        A James Gunn Justice League my happen. At this point, I almost want DC to just quit. Just stop trying. Those Chris Nolan Batman movies were good and that’s about it. Almost everything else, to me, has been terrible. I did like Man of Steel, but my feelings toward Zach Snyder have collapsed. I remember Jeremy being euphoric about him coming on the stream and how crestfallen all were when he virtue-signalled.


        I don’t like these directors… snyder, gunn.. they’re all cowards and I don’t trust them… neither should anyone, they’re on twitter 24/7 and that’s a big red flag.

        And honestly I always liked DC over Marvel because DC was darker, more mature… and Gunn is just turning DC into Marvel…

        Nolan was successful because his movies were quite dark and with strong messages… big impact moments… no clowning around.

        But I wouldn’t mind a new Todd Phillips movie. He did good with Joker… Same thing with Nolan, he didn’t went easy, he didn’t went Political Correct… he went heavy.

        Lets see what Matt Reeves is going to do with The Batman, he also might surprise us…


        They blamed “Anti-Vaxxers” for the failure of this movie. OK, thanks to you guys on this forum and the things that are standing out, it’s time to point out the obvious. They are already making excuses for Shang-Chi. The Boys Season 3 is going to take on Toxic Masculinity and, before that, season 2 took on White Supremacy. So, who do they blame when things go wrong? Everyone except the what everyone with common sense knows:

        They blame Anti-Vaxxers.
        They blame Anti-Maskers.
        They blame White Supremacy.
        They blame Toxic Masculinity.
        They used to blame the “Alt-Right.”

        No. It’s common sense that the lockdowns and the masks are killing business and killing education. It’s also very clear that Covid or The Pandemic is cover for BlackRock buying up the assets of the country and the world. The Covid and the Pandemic is cover and Diversion from “The Great Reset,” which is oligarchs buying up as much of the western world as they can. This is why the media is weak. This is why the media is full of liars. They always try to shift the blame when they could blame real villians. They could blame real enemies, the rich and the powerful. How many politicians and corporate types in REAL LIFE have done things worse than comic book villains would do?

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