The Two Best Characters

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    Okay, so in terms of characters, there are the usual great ones….Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Ric Flair, HHH….the list goes on. These guys were amazing athletes, had stunning moves, amazing charisma and awesome stage presence. However, their character development was not as involved as they could have been. (It could be arguable for Undertaker who has been gone through many different changes over the years.)

    However, in terms of the actual characters, I think there are two that stand above the rest and to be honest, I can’t decide which I like better.

    1.) Ric Flair….I mean, come on. This man was made of charisma. He knew how to keep the room pumped and he knew how to work the crowd. His character was also so dynamic because, according to his documentary, he actually lived that lifestyle. Not much acting involved. But his character in the ring seemed to fit with whatever story line was written. He would trash talk the angel of death if given the chance. But, most importantly, his characteristics never aged. He wrestled for over 20 years and continued the same song and dance. Guess what….that song and dance never got old.

    2.) Sting….This was the sting from WCW when he dawned the black and white paint, the trench coat and the baseball bat. He wasn’t the largest athlete. He barely spoke. Hell, he was barely on the roster to wrestle, only showing up once a month or so. However, his character was written so well that whenever he did show up, everything stopped for him……EVERY TIME!!!! He is gone for six weeks and then BOOM…there he is in the rafters. Another four week break and BANG…shows up in the locker room. Now, hear me when I say that once he became a regular, his draw lessened quite a bit. But, when he was the phantom…..he was the best.


    Tell me what you guys think. Add who you think the best characters were…..not the best athletes or the best people, but which characters were perfectly developed for this industry?


    In my opinion, out of all the girls that have been given the crazy chick gimmick, Victoria has been the one that has played it the best. It is true that she didn’t connect with the fans as much as Trish and Lita did, but she’s still remembered fondly, and her character is quite involved in this fondness. The fact that she was involved in some of the first female street matches helped establish her sadistic personality, and she also became known for her attacks on other girls (let’s not forget what happened to Stacy, Molly, and Christy). Alicia Fox, Mickie James, and Nikki Cross also played the crazy chick, and they were rather enjoyable (particularly Nikki), but there will never be a superstar like Victoria.

    P.D. I’m still repulsed by the fact that the Kardashian twins are being inducted into the Hall of Fame before her.


    The Ultimate Warrior

    Hulk Hogan

    The Undertaker

    Razor Ramond

    Big Daddy Cool Diesel (& the 1 2 3 kid)





    Mick Foley needs a mention, since he played a few different characters at the same time.


    Undertaker and Stone Cold

    Who cares about what they did in wrestling they both knocked it out of the park on “First We Feast”

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