The Underperformance of LFL under KK

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    I did a little info gathering around the internet and was responding to someone on a FB posting on the Star Wars page that was calling for the “receipts” in my assertion that LFL under KK has grossly underperformed.  I wrote it up and posted it.  Then it was deleted by Star Wars.  I reposted several times and it was removed each time.
    Here it is…
    This is a brief report of the overall financials of LFL under the reign of Kathleen Kennedy.
    Here is a link to a report of the box office of the SW movies.

    Here is a breakdown of net profits:
    TFA: $923M
    Rogue One: $320M
    TLJ: $428M (Less than half of TFA)
    Solo: -$200M (A Star Wars Movie that LOST money)
    RoS: $300M (Projected to outperform Endgame, nowhere close)
    Total: $1.771B

    The numbers for Solo and RoS are still not accurate, because of the massive reshoots and VFX being redone. Solo had to be about 80% rewritten and reshot. RoS had massive reshoots and additional VFX done up until a few weeks before release.
    Adding the cost of marketing (separate from production budget) at about $35M per movie is another deduction of $175M.
    $1.771B-$175M= $1.596B

    Now we look at the merchandise sales. 

    According to those numbers, Disney’s net profit in merch sales are about $300M.
    $1.596B+$300M= $1.896B

    Then subtract the $2B that Disney sunk into their parks with the Kathleen Kennedy-inspired “Galaxy’s Edge”. Not as successful as it would have been had they stuck to the original plan of basing it in the OT and PT.

    That brings us to a total of -$104M overall.

    Add to this that Disney paid Lucas over $4.5B (some reports are as high as $5-6B when taking into account stock options) and we have an overall LOSS by Disney of $4.604 BILLION after owning the property for more than 8 years.

    If that is not underperforming, I do not know what is.
    Stockholders need to wake up and demand a change be made.   Execs have been fired for much less in terms of incompetence.


    Embrace the Dark Side, and you will find me there…Waiting.

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    This is extremely interesting and could prove useful in something I’m working on. If it is okay, and with proper citation for your work, I’d like to use this.


    Ive been saying for years that the rat franchise was a loser.
    Wonder if the cast of bootlickers will come in and claim that these numbers are wrong or if they will run & hide.

    Frankly with the number of reshoots and reedits that Razi of Palpatine had there is a good chance that a film that Grossed 1 billion LOST MONEY too.


    @SithScorp How dare you use FACTS!  You hurt their snowflake feelings!


    This is all on Kathleen Kennedy.  ALL. OF.  IT.

    She deserves the credit for running LFL and Star Wars into the ground.
    If it were Disney, then the MCU would have been trash from Day 1.


    Been saying it for years: If Kathleen Kennedy was a man, she would have been fired ages ago.  Change my mind.


    Change your mind?
    Nah that bitch would have been fired in 2015 based on her failures.

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