The Vader-Kenobi “Rematch”


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    I have seen many of the main Geeks & Gamers team, including their podcast on Saturday and Ryan Kinel’s new video, talk about how a potential Vader-Kenobi rematch would completely destroy the line said by Vader in A New Hope, “The circle is now complete. When I left you I was but the learner, now I am the master.” I just wanted to give my thoughts on how this would actually not break canon if this indeed occurs in the Kenobi show.

    The middle part of the line is the most important. It says, “when I left you.”

    It’s not “when we last met”, it’s “when I left you.” It is therefore referring only to when he left Obi-Wan and the Jedi, not the last time they fought. Now, Star Wars fans have filled in that gap from what we know in the six films and assumed he meant Mustafar, but it in no way definitively means that the last time they saw each other was their duel in ROTS. This is the simple explanation to what the G&G team sees as a canon violation. Vader is indeed referring to when he left Kenobi and the Jedi and turned to the Dark Side in the events of ROTS. However, that was when he “left” Kenobi, not the last time they saw each other. The dialogue would still work the same as we have always thought of in canon, being a clear reference to the events of ROTS, just with the added context of another fight in between the two movies. The line itself would still make sense for him to say in that Vader is now boasting to Kenobi his Dark Side training is complete since their last meeting. Thus, being “the master”, in other words finally being the more powerful of the two.

    As Vader says, “Escape is not his plan. I must face him.” He knew Obi-Wan was there to fight, so he began by bringing up Vader’s beginnings, of him leaving Obi-Wan, and ended by telling him how far he had come in his Sith training in the present. Everything Vader said in that battle was to taunt Kenobi. There would be no reason to bring up a fight sometime in between that, I can only assume, ended in a draw. Listen to the exact words Vader is saying in that moment. The actual line’s meaning would not change at all by adding a duel between them in the Kenobi show. Only how we have thought about it would change.


    Stop sucking the rats dick. No one cares.

    Kenobi & Vader never had a rematch.


      I’ve been wondering what they meant by rematch, and i’ve been thinking, they never said it would be another lightsaber duel, what if it was a battle from afar? After all, Vader wouldn’t step foot on Tatooine, and Obi-Wan wouldn’t step foot off of Tatooine


      What makes you think that?



      Rat canon is not canon.


      Thanks for the detailed response showing all the proof in the films of how this could not ever possibly happen. You have completely changed my mind on this.

      Anyone ever notice it’s just the EU fanatics insulting anyone who questions them in these forums? Especially this guy. Nothing Disney does can ever be good because that’s just who they are. Reminds me of crazy Leftists and their TDS actually.


      Ive explained ad nausium as to how the rat franchise is a pile of cold dog shit compared to what came before. You refused to lisen and frankly Im not interested in repeating myself to a sack of shit who refused to listen the first fucking time.

      The EU is the only canon.


      I don’t know if this is worth bringing up, but in the canon Vader comics Darth Vader has had dream sequences of himself having a rematch with Obi-Wan where he was originally defeated. The way that KK says it makes it sound like they will actually duel, but I think that the dream sequence is still a possibility.


      I’m not interested in what you think is canon or not, that’s not the discussion here. There is just no reason I have seen to believe that Vader and Kenobi never met between the Trilogies. The EU does not tell every story in Star Wars, and this would be completely new. Either way let’s keep it to the point. A new fight would not be destroying existing canon. In this topic I’m specifically referring to A New Hope.


      But the line “When I left you I was but the learner, now I am the master.” is now completely pointless. Why would Vader say something like that when they’ve already had a rematch before? Wouldn’t he have said that then?


      Well first I would point you to reading my original post, where I broke down the line and why I think it is not pointless.

      But the gist of it is this: If a rematch happens, the line would now be talking about the entirety of his Dark Side journey, not the last time they saw each other.


      No point in trying to talk sense to him, he’s a conservative version snowflake. He likes to REEE and cry about everything


      But why would he need to point that out? It just feels weird to point out when they’ve already had a rematch when he was the “master”


        I always thought of the line “When I left you I was but the learner, now I am the master.” to be referring to their battle on Mustafar, but thinking about it, on Muistafar it was Obi-Wan who left Anakin, so it would be “when you left me”, but what if they were to have an actual rematch, one where Vader was the one to leave Obi-Wan behined?


        I thought he was referring to when Vader joined the Dark Side, as he when he was a Jedi he was the “learner”, but now as a Sith he’s the “master”

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