The Vader-Kenobi “Rematch”


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    In 2020, idiots think cutting off their dick makes them a woman and we have complete idiots who voted for a Dementia patient and a hooker for President, so yes a Vader-Kenobi makes perfect sense in America.

    However, I caution you that when they show the rematch, Vader and Kenobi will banter about the patriarchy and it will end up in a tie, so both of them get a participation trophy.



    Meeting between 3 & 4 invalidates the canon.

    If your head is that far up your ass as to not comprehend this thats on you. That you clearlty cant read; thats on you too. The show doesnt need to exist and the rematch they blathered about invalidates IN MOVIE CANON


    Fucking forums didn’t post my response…took me almost an hour…I need to redo it.


    Okay, I’ve been accused recently of only talking about Star Wars to complain about Disney, therefore, I’m tagging myself into this in order to crush this nonsense before its infection spreads any further.

    Ground rules going forward. This is an OT and PT debate. This has nothing to do with the EU, so anyone trying to use the excuse that EU people can’t handle anything outside their “head cannon” can stuff it and shoot it out the airlock.

    Let’s get to it.




    Let me walk you through not only the scenes in question, but a lot of content from New Hope that either shows or lays solid foundation why this could never ever happen in OT and PT cannon.


    Right there. This is referring to the fight on Mustafar. Why? Because Lucas already had this fight in his head when he wrote ANH. That means Lucas, through Vader, is bringing us back that very moment. And as it has been said so nicely to me many a time in the past, if George says it is so, then it is so. Well, this was George’s storyline all the way back in the beginning. Good old Kathy was not whispering “they had a rematch” back then while fetching coffee. No. Lucas had it written in his head there was Mustafar and Death Star 1.


    This conversation pads my argument. Tarkin, at this time, was perhaps the most powerful Moff in the Empire. The fact he is in command of the Death Star proves it. If Vader had had an encounter with Obi-wan prior to Death Star 1, you would think he would know about it. That would not be something that would have been kept a secret from one of the most powerful men in the Empire. Now, you can attempt to parse this and say “Weeeeell, Vader could have been in Obi-wan’s presence prior to Death Star 1.”


    Again I say horse crap. George had this set of events basically in stone. We know he changed a few things here and there as time went forward, but that fight was in his head, because it was the foundation of the animosity Vader has towards Obi-wan at this point in time. So if Lucas did it….it’s cannon.


    And now we come to the mightiest of lines that this infection is trying to corrupt. No, you cannot parse these either, for a logical fact that one word maybe not quite making sense is attributed to this was written in 1977, and while Lucas knew the fight happened, maybe he didn’t have the exact details hammered out, which meant maybe he didn’t always see Anakin gimped with one arm screaming “I hate you!” before getting set on fire and having his wing wang burned off. The fight always happened. There was no room for the “rematch.”

    And now we get to the speculation portion of my argument, but it is till grounded in OT and PT logic as well as some common freaking sense. Vader was THERE when they caught Leia near Tatooine. Obi-wan never left Tatooine. Like Yoda, his self imposed exile in the boonies of the galaxy made sure he could not be sensed. If Vader had EVER returned to Tatooine and faced Obi-wan again, don’t you think he would have been like, “Oh shit! We’re near Tat! Obi-wan’s down there! That’s what Leia was doing here! I better get down there and crush his old, wrinkly ass!”

    Hold on…wait a second. Scratch that. If Vader and Obi-wan had EVER come back face to face before Death Star 1, Vader would have smoked his ass, because there is no way Vader would have let Obi-wan walk away. None. And I’m sorry, Old Ben was not a match for Vader at this point. It makes no sense at all for either of them to have walked away from a so called “rematch” without one being dead. Not to mention, Obi-wan’s self imposed exile was to watch over and protect Luke. He would NEVER have done anything to put Luke in danger. Facing Vader in any circumstance would have done that, because who could say that Vader would not sense Obi-wan’s thoughts about Luke? We know he is capable of that, because Luke’s thoughts betrayed Leia on Death Star 2.

    And now, I’m going to break one of my ground rules, because I want to rub salt in the wound. Since we are existing in Disney Star Wars timeline if this shit happens, I use Disney Star Wars Timeline events to show how this cannot have possibly happened. Our good old boy Dave Filoni’s hot garbage Rebels had both Obi-wan and Vader in it. Vader never mentions knowledge of Obi-wan’s existence, correct? And Old Ben appears on Tat, with his stupid one shot fight with Maul, and by all appearances he has never left Tat in 18 years.

    Bottom line.

    It never happened.

    There is no room for it to happen.

    It’s more member berries for people who don’t give a shit about continuity or cannon.

    Member Anakin and Obi-wan fighting on Mustafar?

    Wouldn’t that be awesome if they fought again?

    They did…

    …on Death Star 1.


    To answer your above question I would once again point you to what I’ve said before. You’re right, it isn’t super important for him to say that this time. So why does he?

    This was not Vader and Kenobi having a regular conversation. If you watch the whole scene, everything Vader says is meant to antagonize Obi-Wan. It is a Dark Side tactic used to get Light Side users out of balance. They are then easier to beat.

    “Now I am the master,” “Your powers are weak, old man.” It is very similar to how Count Dooku insults Obi-Wan in AOTC during their fight, which worked that time, that’s how Kenobi was beaten.


    1. “I sense something, I presense I’ve not felt since…”

    …Since the time they fought on Mustafar or in the Kenobi series. Judging solely on the dialogue itself, and not the many years of all of us thinking he must be talking about Mustafar, it is unclear what he is referring to.

    2. “Surely he must be dead by now”

    The show takes place 10 years before this film. Even if Tarkin did know about the new fight, which I agree would be likely, there is enough time in between for this line to still work too.

    3. You’re right, the line “left you” doesn’t quite work in the your context. You can chalk it up to George not knowing how the scene would eventually play out, but I say the inconsistency leaves it open for a new story, if done right. We’ll see if Disney can pull that off.

    4. Actually, in season 2 of Rebels I believe, after Vader finds out Ahsoka is still alive, he contacts the Emperor. Palpatine says she could be the key to finding other lost Jedi, to which Vader replies, “Such as Kenobi?” So Vader does know Obi-Wan is still alive around 2-3 years prior to A New Hope in Disney canon. I would also say looking at Vader’s dialogue in the film, nothing shows he is surprised Obi-Wan is alive, only surprise he was on the Death Star.


    Quite possibly. Won’t know until we watch it though. I’m always been cautiously optimistic about anything Disney puts out.


    Keep sucking that rat dick. Maybe Krazy KK will give you a job cleaning her feet.





    Tarkin, at this time, was perhaps the most powerful Moff in the Empire. The fact he is in command of the Death Star proves it. If Vader had had an encounter with Obi-wan prior to Death Star 1, you would think he would know about it. That would not be something that would have been kept a secret from one of the most powerful men in the Empire

    This has nothing to do with whether a rematch happened or not, but

    leia vs tarkin

    Considering Tarkin is, as Leia says, “holding Vader’s leash”, it’s always possible he knew more than he let on about the Jedi


    Trakin knew exactly who Vader was before he put on the armor.





    I will explain this again in words even the rat sucker can comprehend; NOT-Lucasfilm hates the OT and the OT characters. They will do anything they can to shit on the OT and change the known canon.



    Keep sucking that dick.

    Star Wars was murdered for retarded cunts like you.

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