The war pigs are so excited feeding at the trough they don’t care about WW3

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    I am not sure what should have been done about Russia going into Ukraine and I don’t think it is right to speak for other countries.  But I will say I think the USA has zero business screwing around in this situation.  But we know why the US is fighting this proxy war.  The same reason for most of our recent wars.  Money for the war pigs and the elites.

    I feel adamant at this time this is a European (East and West) issue and we have no business messing around in it.  All we are doing is exacerbating the situation, driving Russian goverment and their people into the awaiting arms of China and accelerating the situation in near WW3 levels.  Again.  Why?  Money.

    No, I don’t think what Putin did is right and no I am not saying he should be allowed to just take whatever he wants.  But what we are doing is not the answer either, clearly.

    Putin recently called America satanic and referenced our allowance of mutilation of children.  Unfortunately, on some levels he is not wrong.  But pushing (or even flirting with) the world into WW3 for money is not a rejection of that assertion it is a confirmation of it.

    I want to see America lead the way for peace and individual freedom.  What is going on now is not that.



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    There are all sorts of conspiracy theories revolving around this one including “it’s all part of the great reset”.

    Putting those aside for the minute, NATO has been pushing for Ukrainian membership for a while now. Strategically this “expands their borders” and puts them right on Russia’s doorstep. Now I’m no Putin apologist, but there are several articles that indicate he was more than willing to leave Ukraine alone so long as there were no expansionist moves by the military alliance. Whether or not we agree with his tactics, he’s just doing what (he believes) is in the best interest of his country.

    Imagine if Canada formed an alliance with China and then set up military bases along the border with the US. What would the US President do? Would things even be allowed to reach that stage?

    Back to the Ukraine situation, the US is an ally of NATO so it cannot divorce itself the actions of the block (united we stand, divided we fall). But more than that, there are several reports of questionable US based investments in Ukraine (some of which have allegedly been made by family members of the current US administration) which cannot be allowed to fall into Russian hands. The Stars and Stripes couldn’t be neutral even if the average American Citizen wanted them to.



    We/They could be neutral if they (politicians) had good intentions.  But they don’t.  It’s all about making money and possibly some other geopolitical shenanigans you mentioned already.

    Should we back NATO.  Not if we don’t agree with their actions. And right now I don’t.  And even if we wanted to support NATO we could possibly do that by sticking our toes in the water but we chose the cannonball approach.

    Did NATO push Putin to this?  Possibly.  Was it to fight the “red menace”? Hell no, it was to make cash.  I suspect this was much to do about energy whether that be great reset involved or not. And I have no doubt it was.  Because what is going to happen is massive energy issues all over the world.  Especially in Europe of course.  People will probably freeze to death there.  But the politicians will just blame Putin for it and shirk any responsibility.

    Some people question the people in control, are they evil or just stupid?  I don’t think those things are mutually exclusive.


    It is all a LARP and there is nothing to worry about…that is if you’re a member of the global elite ;)

    If you’re a peasant like the majority of us then keep your head down!

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