This isn’t fun any more (FNT scene cannibalizing’s each other)

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    EVS fans and making it seem lke FNT G+G or rippa are the one attacking CG is so weird there is only one side here attacking the other on an almost nightly basis.

    Its the cancel pig that called Az a sex pest and acted like he didn’t days later, went after yellow flash for another mans money issues, Talked up how good isom was did a cover for isom 2 then had issues with Eric and attacks everything he does, jumped on the ed piskor canceling laughing about it then deleting the stream to grand stand about his death later.

    The fact that EVS acts just like main stream running around canceling and attacking people and Jeremy still shows good will to him is whats weird here.

    EVS has done so much damage to Indie comics with years late comics/Turning on other creators.

    EVS needs to take the criticism that he needs to work on his late books instead of crying about others on a stream all the time.

    Also the OP tried this last time and got wreaked


    Totally valid. Az and Tom having to face sex pest accusations was totally fucked up. Jon malin is catching shit from Cecil now. This whole scene is bloodthirsty and it’s petty on all sides.

    Everyone has been petty and shitty AF to each other and until people on all sides start to take accountability for this shit and this see no evil hear no evil pettiness ends this scene is going to continue this downward spiral.

    People need to grow the fuck up and start respecting this scene, or it deserves to fall to ash.


      Go paint some more Warhammer figurines

      3 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4 How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. –Matthew 7:3-5



      If people want to be treated with respect they can come into threads with a modicum of it. I’ve suffered enough belligerent bullshit in these parts and turned enough cheeks.


         I’ve suffered enough belligerent bullshit in these parts and turned enough cheeks.

        How do you know people complaining at you have not suffered the same?  If you are entitled to lash out under certain conditions,  why are others not?


        Dude we’ve been over this before. Did I ask u to ban him? Did I say anyone needs to stop posting in this thread? My point here is that this community has become drunk with tribalism and we are blind to our own biased. It’s a nuanced topic and not as simple as saying give respect to everyone. My point was there’s an elephant in the room and the leaders in this scene aren’t talking about it or taking ownership and that’s the underlying root of all this decay. This is why evs can be so ruthless, underneath it all people know what happened. If people in this sphere take ownership for it and atone for what’s happend then evs begins to look more like a bully who can’t let things go and move on.

        Just my take. I might be biased myself. You guys are free to have your own opinion, expose me as wrong, continue to flame me, ignore me, whatever.

        Frankly at this point I have a short fuse dealing with rippa stans and I’m not the only one. This whole rippa situation has destroyed this community.


        The elephant in the room is a cancel pig people follow like hes gods gifts to comics but he cant even finish his comics.

        You might be tired of “rippa stans” but You EVS Cultist ignore everything he does that you say eric does.

        If you want to help Tell CG To call EVS out because hes a fucking cancel pig that attacks everyone he has issues with and they sit there and laugh and cheer like you a fan of trashcast you are the issue dude.

        You egg this shit on and do post attacking eric because of “quality” or how trash isom was but Unlike Ethan eric is investing in making his comics better and doing so Not pocketing money putting out a cover or a campaign he wont work on when he runs out.

        Stop blaming the people being attack because you worship the dude attacking them.


        I didn’t make this as an anti Eric thread, I don’t think I did anyway. It’s more a global culture of this sphere and refusal to address the elephant in the room by the entire fnt crew. I tried to call out everyone as best I could as reasonably as I could. I honestly think EVS is the biggest pettiest shit head of all, but I give him credit for not using as much backroom deals or whisper network type stuff and I do respect him as an artist and writer. At least it seems that way I dunno.

        EVS is my eyes is more up front with this crap, but goes harder. IMO that makes it a bit better but I understand how other people just don’t want attacks in their media so to each their own.

        I was a rippa fan not long ago myself. Shouldn’t have gone after Flash like that, we should try to respect each other’s hobbies and fandoms in this space. This pettiness is contagious though.


          You are clearly anti-Eric and for some insane reason, you want him to publicly denounce his first attempt because you and some people didn’t like it while many enjoyed it and he’s done nothing but improve each release.

          You have a clear bias for Ethan and it’s laughable that you don’t see it. Unless you lack any knowledge, it’s embarrassing to state Ethan’s up front more than others. That clown lied and got busted numerous times over. He sent Warcampaign to attack others, and only called them off and denounced them once they went after Star Wars Girl and Jon Malin. He fabricated drama with Eric over a nothing tweet, elevated the opinions of Dick, guy who stated he wanted Eric’s business destroyed. He somehow expects FNT to platform him when he took a dump on Jeremy after the Zack Snyder mess.

          Your suggestion he’s even owed any support from the FNT people is hilarious. They’re adults and can choose to have whomever they want as guests. He does nothing now but hurt the entire CG movement by bringing drama with him everywhere.


          You can like him, but you can also have the humility to admit he’s a drama farmer. Eric hasn’t responded in a while, and most FNT could care less about him with Jeremy making brief comments because of superchats relating to him.

          I have the right to call out your one-sided takes as much as you have the right to post idiocy on here if you choose.


          I love how you brought up a ban. Like I’m not allowed to have a voice in rebuttal to blatantly false statements


          I’ve said many times why I favor evs in this situation and quantified it. This isn’t some kind of hidden motive.

          I bring up bans not because you wouldn’t have a voice, but because in this atmosphere anyone talking shit about rippaverse is expected to be tarred and feathered.


            You quantified favoring EVS with falsehoods at best if not blatant lies that I’ve already debunked. He is known to cancel those who don’t fall in line, do ridiculous schemes and backdoor deals to attacks people, and even attempts to dox family members like he tried to do with Jon Del Aroz’s father as one example.

            Twitter has been a cesspool of haters talking shit about the Rippaverse, and even attacking prople for the sin of enjoying it, so to act like that’s not already happening is laughable. Ironically, EVS praised Isom, gave reasons why it was a decent start, then reversed everything after the drama he started. He’s either a liar, disingenuous, or a scamming opportunist.

            I still haven’t heard one good reason why Ethan is owed the FNT platform when he has his own, and they don’t typically have random indie comic guys on, only comic legends like Graham Nolan, which Ethan certainly is not.

            I also would love to hear why Jeremy should allow him on after Ethan shit on him. You don’t typically throw rocks at your neighbor’s house then have the nerve to ask to borrow their lawnmower.

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              I bring up bans not because you wouldn’t have a voice, but because in this atmosphere anyone talking shit about rippaverse is expected to be tarred and feathered.

              Who has been tarred and feathered?  Or do you consider tarred and feathered to mean someone challenges your assertions?  That’s like punching someone in the face and when they hit you back you yell assault.

              Dude we’ve been over this before. Did I ask u to ban him? Did I say anyone needs to stop posting in this thread? My point here is that this community has become drunk with tribalism and we are blind to our own biased. 

              I made no such claims.  I pointed out your hypocrisy and silliness of talking nerd stuff, on a nerd site and then attempting to be ugly to someone by calling them a nerd.

              And complaining about tribalism while being very tribal seems equally hypocritical.

              You might be blind with bias but speak for yourself.  I support almost nothing unconditionally so I don’t dig in and defend positions simply to defend them.  I take people one action at a time since it is natural to agree with someone else on some things and not on others.  Any other expectation is unrealistic.


              EVS has worked his life to make competent comics to entertain with worthwhile content. Eric has fingered neckbeards for their fucking money. Eat my ass.


              hows those unfilled books people spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for him to work on going 4-5 years later?

              Eric starts a comic company invests his own money and uses money he made to build his company and fix most of the issues you morons cry about by hiring Comic vets.

              While EVS Scams the fuck out of you spends that money on everything but making a better comic and you hop right back to him and defend him not working on the comics you paid him to do while he goes on cancel campaigns against people and you blame those people for ignoring his dumb ass.



              At one time, it was a community all fighting against the woke infecting the entertainment industry.

              A UNITED Front.

              Now, and for some time now, it has been fracturing.

              EVS, Doomcock, WCBS, FNT, G&G, fandom menace, etc.

              And sadly, the fans/subscribers have also been picking sides in this.

              Divide and conquer!

              We all lose in the end.

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