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    I use to read books all the time but as I got older I had a harder time sitting down to read… that said I listen to a lot of audiobooks as they allow me to go through a book at times when reading is ordinarily impossible.

    Anyone else who likes audiobooks?

    I’d like to share thoughts and compare notes.


    I dislike them because they’re so slow. And I feel like it’s easier to comprehend things you read since you can just read the line again if you missed something, while in audio books you have to rewind which again, is so slow it frustrates me.


    I can understand that, maybe it’s my ADHD but I have a harder time focusing on print books.


    I found that there are two types of audiobooks.

    Those from people who read it, word for word, in a monotonal voice.


    And those that differ between narratives, when a character speaks, and alters when another character speaks.

    Some of those have multiple people doing various parts.


    There is a third type, which included music and sound effects (for those like Star Wars).  But this is an extended version of the second type.


    While I do enjoy audionovels, the types I like is very limited.

    My personal collect are all on MP3-CDs (with come older cassettes which I can’t find a CD version to replace with).

    I have listened to a bunch on u-tube (while at home working on the computer).







    The first group I can relate to… I cannot stand Scott Brick. Some people like listening to him but whenever I see a book with his name on it I cringe.

    The second group speaks for itself.

    The third group I haven’t really experienced beyond the Thrawn Trilogy. There are some things I don’t like about the books, but when you include the narrator, sound effects, music, and the overall tone of the books it is a joy to listen to. It’s also very much the true sequel to Return of the Jedi.


    Any of the Star Wars audio novels (movie adaptions) from what I recall, all had sound effects and music.

    I have not listened to my LoTR / silmarillion in a long time (pre-Jackson), so I don’t recall how many voice actors were in it, but it was the BBC radio drama.

    Batman: The Complete Knightfall Saga has a whole cast of voice actors plus original music composed for it.

    Superman Lives! also has a whole cast of voice actors plus original music composed for it.


    My DragonLance: Chronicles are all by one narrator, but his does a great job of making each character sound different.

    Same goes for Conan audio books (The Coming of…, the Conquering Sword of…, the Bloody Crown of…), as well as Savage Tales of Solomon Kane.


    Each time I look for more MP3-CDs, all I get are those darn download sh!t.

    I want the physical media.


    I have a mix of physical and digital copies, but if I have a choice I’ll go with physical every time. Especially since the new digital copies have a different narrator from the one I have.


    Curious, what good audio novels do you have, StarLord?

    Is there a preferred author or genre you like?

    I listed a few of mine.


    In addition to Star Wars, I generally like mysteries for the most part with a few exceptions here and there. If you’re interested here are a few of the series

    Elvis Cole & Joe Pike (Robert Crais)
    Harry Bosch (Michael Connelly)
    Myron Bolitar (Harlen Coben)
    Andy Carpenter (David Rosenfelt)

    I also love books by Tom Clancy. I have been listening to his books since high school.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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