Thoughts on Groundhog Day (1993)?

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    Well it’s Groundhog Day… again! I’d like to know what people think about this movie 30 years after its release. I personally enjoy the movie and find it hilarious, but I’d love to hear your opinions!



    For a while, it was my all time favorite movie. I liked the philosophy of it.

    What would you do with eternity?

    He learns the piano. Becomes an expert in Jeopardy and tossing cards and ice-sculpting. Gets to know everyone. Tries to save everyone. It all comes after he commits suicide in a number of ways after going insane for being trapped in the same day forever. He changes and learns to go for it in life. Once he submits to love, he seems to break the cycle. Thanks for posting this topic, because it was my favorite movie, but I never read about it.


      “Don’t drive angry”

      EDIT – I posted that before your pic loaded LOL

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      For some reason, the algo sent me this in the morning on my walk. Humbled by the intelligence level and talent of the guys back then. This guy really affected a lot of people. To this day, isn’t his Ghostbusters character the one they are paying tribute to? When I watched it, it was just a movie. Until this thread, I went back a looked up some things about it. Like Charlie and Flowers for Algernon, this story for Groudhog Day was written by some esoteric English Professor who kind of just made one significant story and went on to teach his students without any fame or recognition. There’s something about that I like. Makes you wonder how many English teachers have that one great story in them.


      Guess a guy named Danny Rubin was the writer. Ramis touched infinity with this movie.

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