TikTok VS Anime

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    Fuck Tiktok. I’m not going to lie whatever the fuck she did is nothing more than trying to get people to believe who the true fredos are and it’s making me concerned about conservatives to believing her lie. I’m talk about the conservative normies who don’t understand the value of culture and entertainment nor know much about anime. Not the Conservative Weebs and all that.



      More people that have no idea wtf they are talking about all the sudden being experts in it on twitter or tik tok.

      As an Otaku I can confirm every single 48 yr old like me flies to Japan and marries a young schoolgirl. We can all afford it! It’s so easy. They wait for you at the airport in crowds. It happens so much they stopped us from coming there the past two years. It really wasn’t COVID, it was Otaku that shut Japan down!


        Wokeness has to destroy tradition so it can replace it.  Japanese society is steeped in tradition.  So it will be attacked from every direction.

        This is no different than how communism will roll into a country and destroy everything prior and bar all religion and former history so “the message” has no challengers.


          “Anime Caters To Creeps”

          Huh… and TikTok doesn’t?


          TikTok does cater to creeps. The issue is that this tiktoker is spreading lies and those type of lies will get everyone to go on board with pushing the anime/manga ban.


          I would be more concerned about TikTok than supposedly young girls in manga and anime considering the amount of rubbish there is on there.


          I manage to make a response on that TikToker

        Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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