Tim Pool and Jeremy Griggs have alot in common

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    I find it interesting how similar Jeremy and Tim Pool are?

    They both are:

    1. Dropouts from school that did well for themselves in life where most others would surely fail if they dropped out of school

    2. Both refrain from drinking, doing drugs or smoking

    3. Both push back against wokeness in the fairest ways possible

    4. Both are great leaders that bring hope their viewers who think what either man is saying outloud

    5. Both are builders of a much needed counter narrative

    I find it weird that Jeremy doesn’t really like Tim Pool that much and Tim Pool doesn’t like Jeremy that much but the two have so much in common and both guide me in my life everyday in ways neither one could ever understand. Also I discovered Tim Pool and Jeremy in the same year on Youtube and have been watching them both ever since.

    I think I found Jeremy first?


    They also both wear hats


    They may be similar on some aspects but they also disagree on many things:

    1.- Trump support this is a crucial part for their conflict.

    2.- Jeremy wants people who disagree working with him (AdamCast), Tim likes people agreeing with him: Lydia and the new Adam.

    3.- Jeremy wants to push wokeness, Tim has been labeled as a fence sitter because he leans more left on his political views.

    4.- Many people like Jeremy know Trump won this past election, Tim on the other hand says Biden won fairly or because many people hate Trump.

    5.- Both wear hats but Jeremy still has hair.


    I started watching them maybe at the same time when the Star Wars debacle started and the Anti SJW videos started to pop out, the only two decisions I don’t agree on Jeremy are:

    1.- How he handled the Zack Snyder situation.

    2.- In his pursue of getting different opinions flow at G+G, let people like Uche who leans Far Left and have showed it more than twice on streams get some sort of control on the company like it happened to TheQuartering and the ExclusivelyGames website.

    I’m just afraid like happened on most channels on youtube (ChannelAwesome, Cinemassacre, SMOSH, Internet bloodsports) and now the Fandom menace and Comicsgate will start  to implode from within, some warnings: Gary-Doomcock, Ethan-AZ.


    Jeremy states he doesn’t like Right or Left politics but at the end of this cultural war we’ll be forced to choose one, I’m not advocating to become far right or far left but be like we were before: being able to talk about differences and not on each other throats.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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